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Weekly audio post

Hello everyone. I am Surbhi Sachdeva. This is the first time I am posting a blogcast. I am attaching the link. Please listen. I hope you like it.



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A ‘COLD’ lie!

She does not deny,

that she is no more in love,

with the same things and people,

with the same feelings and expressions,

to her own self!



She’s broken hard,


She has become harder,

as a seemingness,

as a fake laugh to see!

fake laugh


She does not deny,

her innocence,

her beauty,

her piousness,

for the world to see!


She cares enough,

to not care anymore,

She cries enough,

to not shed her tears anymore,

She smiles!


She discusses her disgust,

with her own gust,

the desert like heart,

swollen with complaints,

about anything and everything!


Her love is on the pyre,

Shambles of her wry,

moving higher,

towards a ‘COLD’ Lie!

Image result for crying eye




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Acknowledgement to blogger’s world.

Hello @bloggers world!

Thanks for adding me to this amazing space. And, my chance to read some of the best write-ups by some amazing people. And also, giving me a chance to be known by the people having the interest of writing same as mine! 😉