Hi Blogging friends,

It’s really been a loooooong time when I visited my site and this group – Sorry about that…it’s been more or less 5 years!!! Have been busy with work and now I’m trying to get back into blogging again. Glad to know you are all still here. I hope you are safe and healthy despite the Corona Virus Issue. We are in total lock down here for more than a month now. Sending love to you all! 🙂

13 Words Story – Master-mind

Behind the dark or white light, someone is spinning something to enthrall us.
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Miss you all my friends :)

Hello everyone, it has been awhile and I missed you all. I am just letting you know that I am still here and just a bit busy. 🙂

Dear Friends

Hi guys,
I am really sorry if I am not visible lately here as I have been busy and I am trying to catch up with what happened here. It seems there’s a lot of developments recently and it was great to know that Blogger’s World is growing and I hope and pray that despite some issues we will be able to continue to being a great and happy community with the goal of helping each other. This community had been a tremendous help to me as a blogger and I appreciate all of you especially those who worked hard for this forum to be a haven for bloggers. I say my thanks to @thinkerv0 for doing his part as an admin, being active and helpful and I agree that he was one of the backbone of this community. I hope that him being asked to step down as admin will not have any negative impact and I wish him well and that he will continue to be supportive and be a positive example to us all.
In a different note, I would like to share that I had a great experience on my free online university courses which thankfully I am able to finish (some turned to auditing which means they can see the materials but since they will not be able to submit assignments they will not be able to get statement of accomplishments/certificates). The free lessons and videos there were great, having a certificate was just added bonus for me (it was not a degree/credit kind of course, the founder just want to use that to create positive impact through providing free courses). You can visit and check them out here: https://novoed.com/philanthropy-initiative
There was a forum also there for classmates and I have been active there and I was asked there to assist other students with their queries much like this community (there was no fee of course, it was volunteer work just like the admins and all of us here have been doing) and I was glad to do that as way of giving back for the free online courses. I found new friends there, awesome individuals like you whose goals are to be part of positive change.
The focus/title of the courses: global social entrepreneurship, essentials of non-profit, leadership, social impact, organizational capacity, fundraising and financial modeling. It was more of how we can learn strategies to help communities and projects to have greater impact (mostly for non-profit organizations but also for social entrepreneurship), lasting change and sustainability. It opened new ideas for me, that in our small way we can be involved in things that are worthwhile just like blogging, that we can pay it forward. The courses are finished and I will share with you the link once I found out if they will be offered again.
Still, I enrolled in different courses (from another program) this year to improve my skills and learn new ideas that hopefully I can apply to my career and to help others so I might still be busy but I definitely will not leave the community and blogging as I consider this already a part of my life.

Here are the links for the new courses that you might be interested to enroll in. Hopefully you will if your time permits (Some have fee but most are free):



May all of you be blessed. Hugs and love to everyone 🙂

Welcome to Blogger’s World

Hello and welcome to all of the new members in the Blogger’s Wold community. I am sorry to greet you this late as I have been busy and have some issues with my internet and my WordPress application. I am sure that you will enjoy being here. We have a host of awesome, wonderful and beautiful souls here (especially the admins and those who does the features) as they are willing to support, share and provide their valuable time and insights. They never fail to show love, kindness and positive vibes and for me their friendship means a lot. I give my thanks to all of you here as you make the blogalaxy, blogosphere or blogger’s world an AMAZING online place. Love and blessings to all of you! — Shine


#13 Words Story — Words…

#13wordsstory — Words
He can’t explain in words what his heart wants to say. Ah confusion!
Hope you like it guys! 🙂

To You from Mama

Hi Guys, finally I have done something today, I hope you will read a simple poem I did for my baby boy. Here it is To You from Mama May you enjoy reading it if you have time. 🙂

Bizarre – 13 Words Story

Weirdly beautiful, seeming lost in reverie. Seeping to the heart and the abyss.
Sorry guys, I forgot it should be for tomorrow. I guess I got excited as I may forget what I have thought of if I didn’t post it now. 🙂

My Life and Educaton

Finally, I was able to write something for our Day 5 assignment. It is a very long post so to anyone who has the time and patience to read, I am thanking you. Here is My Life and Education If you ever able to give any #feedback, that will be appreciated.