Need Volunteers!

I need volunteers for the following to fill February schedule:

Thursday Grammar for Feb 25th
Friday 3 Quotes for Feb 26th
Monday Etymology for Feb 29th

And also volunteers for Saturday Blogcast for Feb 20 and 27th!

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Prompt for 13 Words Story!

It’s the Valentine’s weekend! No prizes for guessing the prompt for this week’s 13 words story – yes, it is LOVE!
Looking forward to some really awesome 13 words stories!

Here’s wishing you all a Very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Introducing the New Members!

Hello to all the lovely members of Blogger’s World,

In the last couple of days we have had about 3-4 new members who have joined the forum. This post is to officially welcome them to the forum and also to introduce some of the most active members in here.

Let’s welcome:

Clueless Birdie: Say hello to @niyati16 who blogs at her site called, yes you guessed it, Clueless Birdie.

Feelings 161: Say hello to @feelings161 who blogs over at her site aptly called ‘My Feelings – My Freedom’

In Your After Glow: Say hello to @haripriyakm who is also a new blogger. Do check out her blog called ‘In Your After Glow’

Surbhi Sachdeva: Last but definitely not the least, say hello to @surbhisachdeva89. Surbhi – please share your blog address in the comments.

For the benefit of the new members:

A full list of the members of this forum can be found on the sidebar on your right under the title “Authors”. At any time feel free to tag one of the admins if you have any questions. Also, please feel free to interact with all the members of this forum.



Prompt for Sunday’s 13 Words Story!

The prompt word for this week’s 13 word story: Ultracrepidarian

Looking forward to some very interesting 13 Words Stories! 🙂

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Ending Feuds

100 words story by Visakha of Worldly Words!

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Inkings of the Soul

Little Tom stood quietly beside his daddy and looked on impassively at the proceedings in the hall.

Mommy had made him wear the black tuxedo that Gammy had gifted him on his previous birthday. The last time he had worn it, Gammy had beamed and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Today, Gammy wasn’t talking to anybody. She was sleeping in her wooden box and refused to budge, no matter what people said to her. Grandpa was really upset to the point that he was crying. He kept saying she was behaving this way because they had fought last night.

Submitted for the Weekly Prompt: 100 words story.

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I Miss You, Pedro

100 Words Story by Sharon of On RVing Time!

On Rving Time


 My Entry    for the  Prompt for Fridays 100 words Story!


I stare into her watery eyes. She senses my physical life is ending.
The medicine isn’t working. My organs are shutting down.
I’m not hungry, yet she sprinkles fresh chicken on my food.
I’m not thirsty, yet she wets my lips. She loves me. He loves me.
How can I leave them?

They have made a decision. I thank them
He’s holding me. I feel his heartbeat. He understands. She doesn’t.
My eyes are heavy and these shackles are melting away. I leave you, my human family, joyful the fifteen-year bond we nurtured now blossoms forever in our hearts.

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Prompt for Fridays (5th Feb) 100 words Story!

Hello All,

This week Friday, it is time again for the 100 Words Story. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the 100 words story. You can post your story directly here on the forum or post in your own blog and pingback/reblog to the forum. Select few will be placed as a sticky/featured post.

The prompt for this week is: Quietus

Go ahead, put on your creative hats and post your stories for the prompt!

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Stellar Book Review – Run For It by Margaret Sorick

Read the stellar review of Dr. Meg Soricks’s book ‘Run For It’ by Nicola Auckland!


Confirmations for Weekly Schedule!

Hello All,

This post is to confirm schedule of weekly features February 2 to February 29.

1. Thursdays: Grammar & Punctuation:  

Please confirm for the dates Feb 4, 11, 18 and 25.  

Pam @pamkirst2014 Meg @drmegsorick Debbie @dalees107 Oneta @onetarhayes

 2. Fridays: TV Review, Book Review, 3 Quotes and 100 Word Story

 Feb 5th: This week Friday is 100 Words Story. I will post the prompt word separately, everyone interested is encouraged to participate!

Feb 12th: Anyone interested in doing a TV Show/Film Review @drmegsorick @piyushavir @joseelavallee @beckyaluoch

Feb 19th: Need volunteers for Book Review. @xaranahara @dawnmarie823 @myusername432 @adriennea3 @notionlux @iamabloggertoo @iamdonovan @jahnavichintakunta

Feb 26th: Need volunteers for 3 Quotes with Author Bio. @thegeneviever @vellissima @whatsandrathinks @jahnavichintakunta

For more information: please check Friday Feature Plan 

3. Saturdays: Creative Writing and Style:

Pam @pamkirst2014 and Meg @drmegsorick are doing it alternatively. Please confirm your dates Pam and Meg.

Anyone else willing to do them are welcome, please nominate in advance for next month. 

4. Sunday: 13 Words Story:

I will share a theme on Saturdays and anyone willing to participate can participate. You can post here or on your blog and ping-back or both.

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@drmegsorick Are you posting the…

@drmegsorick Are you posting the blogcast today? Or would you like to do it next week?