Nominations for Author Story

Hi Everyone,

This post is to call for volunteers for the Author Story Weekly features for the month of June 2016. We have 4 slots available. Please let me know if you are interested.

June 1 – Booked by Oneta Hayes

June 8 – Booked for Grace Anne

June 15 – Free

June 22 – Free

June 29 – Free

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Authors Who Made History – For The Wrong Reasons!

Wallace Stevens once said, ‘As life grows more terrible, its literature grows more terrible.’

Every week in Authors Who Made History, we celebrate the life story of any one author who left an impact in the literary world. However, this week I decided to stir things up a little and talk about the authors, yes, I said authors (plural) who left an impact on the literary world for the wrong reasons!

The impact they left being a constant debate among the members of the ‘elite’ literary club and the ‘not-so elite will read anything’ club members.

Need I spell out what their topic of discussion would be?  That’s right! They debate on how much of an impact these authors make in the literary world; how much did they contribute to it or rather take away from it?

Make a splash into the world wide web and you will see many incredibly articulate works published everywhere from blogs to online magazines debating if the books published by authors like Stephanie Myers (SM) and E.L. James (ELJ) and their Indian counterparts like Chetan Bhagat (CB) and Ravinder Singh (RS) should be considered as actual literature or just plain trash? Yet another argument that stirs up the debate further is “If they are trashy, then, why are they so successful?”

After spending a few hours reading some of these articles and blog posts, this is my inference of why I think these authors are successful despite writing and publishing what I like to refer as the ‘pop culture literature’ Continue reading

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Hello Everyone!

After a writing hiatus of a month, I am finally getting back into the writing discipline starting with my latest post titled “A Meeting With My Ex!” I would love for some feedback from this community!

I am also hoping to become more active with BW now that I got the break I so wanted! 😀

Rashmi (Mind and Life Matters)

BW Awards – The Results Are Out!


First of all, a very big THANK YOU to all those who took the time to vote for the Blogger’s World Awards. It is now time to reveal the winners of the 1st Blogger’s World Awards!

And the Winners are:

  1. Supernova Award:

The supernova award or the popular new blogger award goes to Vandana of Feelings and Freedom. Congratulations to @feelings161

      2. Ideaphoria:

The award for coming up with interesting ideas to help BW enhance goes to I am Donovan of Cool Beans 4. Congratulations to @iamdonovan

      3. Star Volunteer:

This one was no surprise and won by a large margin of votes. The Star Volunteer of BW award goes to….Yes, you guessed it right… to Pam of Catching My Drift! Congratulations to @pamkirst2014

      4. Featured Posts:

The award for featured posts or most liked posts on BW goes to none other than Dr. Meg Sorick for her really creative posts on Creative Writing. Congratulations to @drmegsorick

Once again, Thank You, to all those who voted and Congratulations to all the winners!


Prompt for Sunday’s 13 Words Story!

Hello Everyone!

The prompt for this week’s 13 Words Story is: WATER

Water abstract

Write a story on this prompt in just 13 words and publish it here on the forum.

(P.S: I owe you all an apology for not posting a prompt word last week! I have been having a terribly busy few months. My apologies to everyone!)

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Prompt for 13 Words Story – Empathy

Hello Everyone!

This week’s 13 words story prompt is ‘Empathy


In 13 words words, tell us a story that induces empathy! Looking forward to reading your amazing stories, as always!

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Prompt for 100 Words Story!

This Friday’s 100 Word Story Prompt is: REINCARNATION!


Write a story in 100 words on this theme and publish it to your own blog or directly here on the forum. If you decide to publish it on your blog, pingback to this post and reblog from your blog to the forum.

Happy Friday and Happy Writing everyone!

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