Hello Again!

Hello there,

It’s been ages since I was involved here. Work and changes on the personal front kept me away from writing. 

Want to start over again, let me know where I can participate.. thank you! 😊

Shutterbug Showcase – Imagination

Thanks @foodeezjunction for the imaginative prompt 🙂

Here’s my take –


For the better or worse imagination of all of us here.. 😉

P.S. My take on this would be the sense of calm it exudes.. 🙂

The prompt for next week is Details @niyati16.



Shutterbug Showcase – Smoke

Thanks @niyati16 for the prompt.. Had me thinking for a long time and hence a very late submission too!


This photo, although a very simple interpretation of the word “smoke”, brings back a myriad of memories. Burning of the effigies of the demon king “Ravana” along with his brother and son, a quintessential part of Indian festival “Dusshera”. The burning symbolises the victory of good over evil.

One of the most awaited times in our childhood. 🙂

Hoping I have done justice to the prompt given out to me..

For the next week’s post – “an element of mystery” is the prompt for @adriennea3.

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Hello people! Finally, i am…

Hello people! Finally, i am back to my own little happy space and back to writing..
I have been so out of touch for the past 2 months, would love to get involved here again..

Would like to know if there are still any available slots for the posts..


Hello people! I am really…

Hello people! I am really sorry I had totally vanished from this space off late.. Caught up like anything with the work and health issues..

I wanted to know if I can also post excerpts here, would love to get feedback..



Missed my book review post!

Totally confused about the dates ! And here I was thinking the review is due next Friday…

So sorry for missing it! @piyushavir

Can I post that in a day or two?


They had finally came on a long “late night” drive. Just like the old times when they used to sneak out of their houses for trips like these. The car’s speed increased in conjunction with their happiness meter. Before long, all they concentrated on was each other, rather than the roads ahead.

Their laughter was pierced by the deafening silence brought on by the collision with the trailer. She was thrown out of car, from where she saw, his mangled remains beneath the tires of the vehicle.

The screeching brakes jolted her out of the deja vu she just had.

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Adding Logo – Need Help.

Hello People,

Need help with the steps for adding logo to my blog. Been trying but no luck yet.



Friday Feature 100 Words Story – Harmonious Discord

“I don’t care about what you think or want to do, all I know is get rid of this mess you have brought upon us!”, glowered Saira. She had made it clear, Zishan was unwelcome in her house.

Samarth couldn’t tell her any detail about all this and in the absence of any explanation in last two months, she had put the pieces together herself, accusing him of bringing home his grave mistake.

How was Samarth to tell her, their source of strife was the illegitimate son of the only woman in their lives – Saira’s precious but dead daughter – Neena.

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