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We do have some weekly slots still open. Please do nominate yourself in case any feature interests you.
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Trivia Tuesday

This is what happens when aliens take over Tuesday Trivia feature – random, inane facts that make no sense are shared on Bloggers World. What else did you expect when conversing with an alien!
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Warm Welcome to our newest member – Bharath

He is a 20-something ‘non-writer’ (in his own words, although I don’t know why he says that. I have read some of his stories and they are great!) and has a wonderful take on life and the world around us.
Bharath loves rock music and comics. He himself is a very intelligent and creative person and having him become a part of our extended family is great. He blogs at Do pay him a visit soon.

I hope you will like being part of the forum, Bharath @bharath10291. Please feel free to browse around and familiarize yourself. Give me a shoutout if you need any help at all.

Happy Blogging!

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Links To Blogging Events

Hi All 🙂
If you have organized a blogging event or challenge, please share the link for it here in the comments and we’ll update it in the ‘List of Blogging Events.’ Thanks! Continue reading

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A Rainy Day!

It’s been a rainy weekend in Delhi. And while the rains being their own share of problems and traffic woes, one can’t deny their positive impact either.

Here’s my latest post on what I felt when I stepped out on a rainy day.
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Editing Drafts

Dear Members,

It’s that time of the monthly again when we do a clean-up exercise.

Would humbly request you to go through your drafts here on Bloggers World and sort through them.
Please delete the ones you do not require or update and re-save the ones that you wish to keep on.

Would really appreciate the assistance. Thanks! 🙂

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Rules for Posting on Bloggers World

We sometimes forget that this is a blogging forum exactly like our own blogging site. Please follow the below guidelines while posting on Blogger’s World. Continue reading

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Confirmed Schedule for August Weekly Features

Here’s the Confirmed Schedule for August Weekly Features

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Website Updated

Hi All,
Just to update you all – Weekly Features page, Categories and Tag Menu now updated as per the new feature for Monday.
Feel free to shout out to me if you need any help. 🙂


Weekly Schedule for August 2016

Nominations now open for the weekly features schedule of weekly features from August 1st – August 31st. Continue reading

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