There is a saying that…

There is a saying that you don’t miss the water til the well runs dry. I’m afraid I owe some apologies to BW volunteers who are working on weekly features. I’m thinking of this because of the demise of Word Nerd. I look back and say “I hate to see that go.” But I didn’t follow through on it as I should. I also am experiencing similar angst over my 13 Word Sunday Special. I have sent prompts for three weeks, and receive some likes but have a record of zero participants in the written submissions. We have surbhisachdeve 89 giving us a prompt on Saturday July 2nd, for Sunday, July 3. Come on BW friends, give her a rousing welcome that day by sending in your 13 word story on whatever her prompt will be. Also something nice for me this Sunday will be welcome! Check Saturday to see prompt. Thirteen words – who among us can’t come up with 13 words?
You don’t miss the water til the well runs dry. If anyone else takes up word nerd or any six word story again, I’m in. I’m also checking out the 100 word stories. I use a 29 dollar camera from Walmart, so I’m not making much commitment to Photo Challenges, and I don’t travel much so I’m not very wise in that arena. But words, yeah, I’ve gottum and I plan to use ’em! @piyushavir


This is week number three for me with a suggestion for a Sunday 13 word story.  Let’s see how this one will work – WILLY-NILLY.    If you are more comfortable with a synonym, go for it.   It is an adverb and can be used in this way: “The bug spray blew the well organized little ants into a willy-nilly mess.” 

Details in a nutshell:  Word: WILLY-NILLY    Date: Sunday, June 19   Title should include:  13 Word Story      Where to post:  In your Contact box here on BW    Category:  Sunday Special 13 Words    Tags:   #13wordsstory #weekly

Piyusha @piyushavir

Dear Friends, are you doing…

Dear Friends, are you doing the #RevofKindness with Niki. My entry today is regarding kindness among friends at a group home for disadvantaged of various kinds. I think you will enjoy it.


Okay, Friends, let me have another shot at this prompt assignment.  Let’s have a try at using the word ACCOMPLISHED.  It can be used properly as either an adjective as in:  Alice proved she was an exceptionally accomplished pianist by her enthusiastic crowded concerts Or it can be used as a verb as in:  Alice’s concert was sold out. After eight years’ struggle, her mission was accomplished.

Details in a nutshell:  Word:ACCOMPLISHED    Date: Sunday, June 12   Title should include:  13 Word Story      Where to post:  In your Contact box here on BW    Category:  Sunday Special      Tags:   #13wordsstory #weekly

Piyusha @piyushavir or Rashmi@sashay909

#13wordsstory, #weekly

Hello, and happy Friday to…

Hello, and happy Friday to you all here in BW land. I have another post on my ‘Tween God and Me series. I’ll treasure a visit from you.

Remembering Memorial Day activity. Small…

Remembering Memorial Day activity. Small things but important things.


Good day, BW friends.  Sorry if my timing is off for the prompt.  I understand I am to post a new word “the day before” so in my country it is Saturday. I’ll call this practice week.  Anyway here’s the call – the prompt word for Sunday June 5 is CUMBERSOME.

I go first – “Are you carrying cumbersome loads as you hurdle obstacles in life?  Yell, “help!”

Details in a nutshell:  Word: CUMBERSOME     Date: Sunday, June 5       Title should include:  13 Word Story      Where to post:  In your Contact box here on BW    Category:  Sunday Special      Tags:  #13wordsstory, #weekly

Hope I’ve covered the basics correctly.  I’ve counted my words six times; how embarrassing if I miscounted!  Also embarrassing, if no one likes my word!  So come on, You’ll, send me some stories.

I’m  open to being corrected by anybody.  I’m counting on Piyusha @piyushavir or Rashmi @sashay909 to rescue me.