Dear Friends, are you doing…

Dear Friends, are you doing the #RevofKindness with Niki. My entry today is regarding kindness among friends at a group home for disadvantaged of various kinds. I think you will enjoy it.


Okay, Friends, let me have another shot at this prompt assignment.  Let’s have a try at using the word ACCOMPLISHED.  It can be used properly as either an adjective as in:  Alice proved she was an exceptionally accomplished pianist by her enthusiastic crowded concerts Or it can be used as a verb as in:  Alice’s concert was sold out. After eight years’ struggle, her mission was accomplished.

Details in a nutshell:  Word:ACCOMPLISHED    Date: Sunday, June 12   Title should include:  13 Word Story      Where to post:  In your Contact box here on BW    Category:  Sunday Special      Tags:   #13wordsstory #weekly

Piyusha @piyushavir or Rashmi@sashay909

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Hello, and happy Friday to…

Hello, and happy Friday to you all here in BW land. I have another post on my ‘Tween God and Me series. I’ll treasure a visit from you.

Remembering Memorial Day activity. Small…

Remembering Memorial Day activity. Small things but important things.


Good day, BW friends.  Sorry if my timing is off for the prompt.  I understand I am to post a new word “the day before” so in my country it is Saturday. I’ll call this practice week.  Anyway here’s the call – the prompt word for Sunday June 5 is CUMBERSOME.

I go first – “Are you carrying cumbersome loads as you hurdle obstacles in life?  Yell, “help!”

Details in a nutshell:  Word: CUMBERSOME     Date: Sunday, June 5       Title should include:  13 Word Story      Where to post:  In your Contact box here on BW    Category:  Sunday Special      Tags:  #13wordsstory, #weekly

Hope I’ve covered the basics correctly.  I’ve counted my words six times; how embarrassing if I miscounted!  Also embarrassing, if no one likes my word!  So come on, You’ll, send me some stories.

I’m  open to being corrected by anybody.  I’m counting on Piyusha @piyushavir or Rashmi @sashay909 to rescue me.

HELEN WELLS, Author Who Made History

Rosie the Riveter was a national icon representing the women who entered the work force as blue color workers during World War 2.  Quite a change from the traditional role of women.  But Helen Wells brought attention to a very traditional role for women.  She did that by writing a series of books romanticizing the career of nursing.  War years particularly called for more nurses.   The first seven books carry Cherry Ames from her role of Student Nurse to the very appropriate stint that Cherry spent as Army Nurse, on the Flight Nurse, Private Duty Nurse, and Veterans Nurse.   These books were written in the 1940’s Continue reading

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My computer is in the…

My computer is in the hospital! I’m doing duty in the library, but won’t be back for a few days, maybe. But in honor of the holiday and Father’s Day coming up, I’m posting “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche, They Say.” Hope you enjoy it. I think I will be able to keep my commitment for “Authors…” on Wednesday. I think my computer is going to get well, but it is a busy week end to find recovery. Piyusha @piyushavir Have a good holiday.

“Blasphemy,” you may cry if…

“Blasphemy,” you may cry if you are a serious Shakespeare Fan. But others might like my “Simplifying Shakespeare” today. Just joking around with the Bard.

13 Words Story (Heavenly)

To my dear “know how to do it” people. I have an entry for 13 Word Story (heavenly) but I can’t find where to write it. When I click tag at the right, it goes to last week (mastermind). Also, I don’t know how to tag. If I knew one maybe I would know the other. Anyway, even if it is not entered properly, here is my 13 words for heavenly:
“A song from my past – Heavenly Sunlight – Flooding my soul with joy divine.”
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More of me today. Fulfilling…

More of me today. Fulfilling blogging U, Everyday Inspiration, with “Me and A List.”