hey everyone! (and merry christmas…

hey everyone! (and merry christmas 🙂 since we all here are bloggers/writers, i thought about asking for your #help. i’m running a blog about stories (you can check it at www.rrrepeat.com), my #idea is to share people’s experiences, lessons and details of their lives and personas. you can be interviewed, be a regular contributor, or just an once-in-a-lifetime story-teller for the blog.

i think we can learn a lot with each other, not feel as alone, and be more happy and connected. if you’d like to join, please send me an e-mail to: hi.rrrepeat@gmail.com.

thank you and have a magical night!

This is my Summer in…

This is my Summer in the City contribution. My little son, Leo, enjoying the sun in our terrace. Enjoy! @arwen1968


Hey everyone!

I hope this is the right place to introduce myself. I blog for many years now, and had 4 to 5 blogs already with different subjects. Some were in Portuguese, my main language, and others in English. I love blogging because it lets me explore my opinions and feelings within a community. I believe it’s a beautiful way to interact with the world and get to know it better.

Right now, I blog about failure. I used to feel like that a lot, when I was younger but I learned that what others think of me doesn’t really matter. I started to use my mistakes as opportunities to learn, and my weaknesses as a spicy addition to my strengths. Failure is my way to success, and instead of fearing it, I embrace it. And I want to teach others to do the same.

You can read a bit about my journey here: www.rrrepeat.com/blog

Thank you for adding me @piyushavir, I know I’ll have a great time!

#introduction #greetings