I am Malala

Dear bloggers,

If you are looking for a very good book I have just finished reading ‘I am Malala’.

I do not know if You know this girl but she won the Nobel Peace Price in 2014 and her story won’t let You indifferent!

I hope everyone will read this book to better understand some important aspects of the current historical period and the importance to contribute in any possible way to protect every children’s fundamental rights!

My readings – “I am Malala”, the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the taliban



Photo Delight

The featured photo for this Photo Delight is:

From Every Angle


You can find the original post and photo at Meg Sorick

Thank you Meg and all for participating!

Please keep the submissions coming 🙂

The next feature post Travel Guide is a SURPRISE!! 

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Dear Bloggers

Today I have published my blog’s features in a specific page:


What do you think? Is this a page  you would read together with the “about page” when you first visit a blog?

Thank you for your #feedback!




Ciao Bloggers!

Few days ago I published a guide to Siena, one of the most beautiful city in Italy.
My intent was to highlight not only the main places visited by turists but some special ideas to enjoy and dive into its secrets.

What do you think?
Any #feedback is most than welcome!


Thank you very much,


This morning I received an email for Emma that immediately urged me to do something to help her and her project “The Ripple Effect”.

If she win, she will be able to go to Turkey to help the Syrian refugee children! You can vote once a day, and it would be awesome if you could share the link with your friends and family!

Please follow this link, read her project, subscribe, vote and share!


Thank you very much!



Yeah! My event has been…

Yeah! My event has been finally pubblish in the Daily Post after many weeks and attempts 😀

I hope everyone will contribute if interested on the subject.

You are welcome to share your links via pingback (new or old posts , no matter):


Thank you!

Photo Delight

south africa cape

Cape of Good Hope

Table Mountain National Park

South Africa

 On the Road through..

The selected country for the next feature post – Travel Guide is: SOUTH AFRICA!

Do not miss it on Sunday, December 6th, 2015! 🙂

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