Book Review: Navy Seal Rescuer


Title: Navy Seal Rescuer
Author: Shirlee McCoy
Genre: Suspense, Thriller, .                              Romance
Rating: 4 stars

I read it,  because I loved it.
This is the seventh book in Heroes for Hire series and I must tell you though I haven’t read all the previous books in the series (except the first one ) I really enjoyed reading it.

Catherine Miller after spending four years in prison,  for a crime she didn’t commit returned to her grandmother’s place in Pine Bluff only to suffer vandalism. The severity of which increased when one afternoon when someone with a ski mask attempted to choke her to death. She saved herself and ran to their neighbour’s place.  This marked the entry of the male protagonist Darius Osborne,  an ex navy seal who wanted to spend his vacation repairing the old farm he bought next to Catherine’s place. Though he had seen Catherine a lot of times in TV,  courtesy to media,  she looked frailer in reality. The story then moves forward introducing Logan,  the local sheriff and Eileen,  Catherine’s grandmother,  who is suffering from Cancer.

Shirlee maintained a great air of suspense and thrill unti the end,  when the real convict was arrested.
Yet the story couldn’t receive five stars probably because Eileen’s cancer covers almost half of the story where as Catherine and Darius ‘s backstory has been expanded very little.
Again Catherine’s character is inspirational she hasn’t been shown as damsel in distress. She may be thin and frail,  yet she doesn’t give up,  she can fight her own.  The personality of a navy seal has been well expressed through Darius,  an amputee. Both of them know pain to a certain level.
“I am not asking of you ”
“That’s the problem. If you were,  it would be easy to deny you,  but you never ask anything. You’re just… there, and I need you to be that scares me “. One of my favorite conversation between the lead protagonists. A silent romance growing betwixt them.
All in all I would rate the book as 4 stars.

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