Happy Friday! I’ve written a little nostalgic essay about the trials and tribulations of being the youngest child in the family. You can read it here if you want something light to start off your weekend. 🙂
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Hi bloggers –

I’ve been away from my blog for way too long and it’s time to get back on track. Life has given me some setbacks in the last few months. I’ve written about them here and here.

Now, on top of everything else, I’m sick. But I’m using that as a subject for my latest post, hoping that laughter is, as they claim, the best medicine. 🙂 Please stop by and give it a read.

I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted with all of you and catching up with what you’ve been blogging about!


Hello alumni. I’m back after a few weeks away from my blog. My father passed away suddenly 2 weeks ago.  I am engulfed in grief right now. When something so earth-shaking like that happens, things like my silly little blog seem so unimportant. The urge to call it quits is strong.

But I also felt like writing about it might be cathartic, so I wrote a post today. I don’t know what form my blog will take going forward. I’m sure it will take some time to regain my sense of humor and fun.

It feels kind of weird and kind of wrong to post this here. I feel like I’m advertising my blog – “Hey look at me! I have a story to tell!” But the writer in me wants the world to know about my Dad. He was the strongest, smartest man I’ve ever known and I miss him terribly. I hope you’ll read about this wonderful man.  https://maidsdayoff.wordpress.com/

Hello everyone –

I know many of you are from countries other than the U.S. I just wrote a post about what we call Old Wives’ Tales. I’m interested to hear what kind of superstitions are common in your cultures. You can read my post here.

Also, a while back I was having trouble getting links to appear in my posts on the Blogging 101 Alumni site. In case any of you shared this problem, I’ve discovered the solution.  The problem occurs when I am viewing the site and try to type my post in the box at the top that says “Hi Maidsdayoff! What’s happening?”  I can post this way, but the links do not work. Instead, if I click the pencil icon to start a new post while I am on the site, the links work fine.

Hope this helps anyone who was experiencing the same issue.

Have a great day!


Hi bloggers –

Hope you all had a great weekend. Whether you are into yoga or not, I hope you’ll get something out of my latest post:

Ahimsa (or, Elbowing My Way Toward Enlightenment)

Have a great week!



Happy Monday!

I’ve just posted my latest “Write Right Monday Night” feature. It’s a reblog of an interesting post I stumbled upon about how people may be judged regarding their grammar.

You can read it here.

Have you ever had an idea for an invention? Yesterday I posted a little something about my childhood. Hopefully you’ll find it amusing. It’s called A Day Late and a Million Dollars Short.

I hope you’ll go take a look at both posts. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Happy Monday Night everyone!

My latest Write Right Monday Night feature is up on my blog. Hope you get a chuckle out of it!
Enjoy the rest of the week.


Hi Blogging Alums!

I tried my hand at a fictional piece for the first time. It was fun.
Also, this week’s Write Right Monday Night feature is available (sorry for not letting you know sooner.)
I’m having a problem adding a link to this message. It appears blank when I preview it. Any idea why? #help
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