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here I am with news and new post about these news Welcome new member of our family 😉 🙂 English summary- as always -below 🙂

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need help. Today I wanted to put sub item to my menu, but don’t remember how or it’s not working. I don’t know where the problem is.
I have one category in a menu with it’s sub items, but can’t put another one in the same manner. Any ideas?
My blog: su vaikais
Thank you!

Hello, all creative!

I came with new post 7 ways to kill creativity
English text is under the Lithuanian.
If you have more suggestions in this theme, don’t hesitate and leave a comment 🙂

Hello to everyone!

How are you?
I’m coming with a fun and urgent toddler to do list
The English summary as always is at the bottom of the text 😉
You are welcome to continue this list in a comments or create your own list and share the link in a comments 🙂



today is the day… a year ago I have started my blog!
Today I have tried to summarize the whole year of blogging and this is my post of celebration 😉
It is great to write a blog for many reasons, one of them – I can read stories you all write because of the blogging I came here 🙂 . So don’t stop, create and be proud of what you are doing!

Best wishes for all!


tomorrow we will have a countrie’s celebration, so with children we prepared some crafts in Lithuanian colors. In our country it is very young tradition to celebrate in some creative way… Our country has independence only for 25 yeras…. I look at USA traditions and just can say – wow, how they love and celebrate.
We are just beginners in this area.
The post has a summary in English just below all Lithuanian text and photos 😉

Happy and blessed Monday for all!

Hello, to everyone :)

Tomorrow we have a Pancake day in Lithuania called Užgavėnės (in English it is Pancake Tuesday). It is big event every year with masks, pancakes and fires all around the country.
We made some masks by paje mase technique and I wrote about it in my blog, so you are welcome to come and see 😉