Frequently Asked Questions is Now Live

Our frequently asked questions page is finally up. If you have other questions, you’d like to see added, feel free to comment here. If questions come up at a later date, feel free to tag your post with “#faq” so that they can be added.

Thank you.

Admin Change

Dear Members,

Please note that Anand will be taking a break as admin for this community. While it was our intention to keep the reasoning quiet due to the drama and hurt feelings it could cause, Anand has chosen to speak up about it. Please be advised that we have looked into the issue and feel this action was justified.

Rashmi and myself ask that the community refrain from any drama this may cause. If anyone has an issue with this decision, you may contact Rashmi or myself directly via email. Please note that comments have been turned off for both this post and the previous post.

Please note that we do hope Anand will continue to participate as an author here at Blogger’s World.

Thank you.

FAQ Section Coming Soon! What should it include?

Hello everyone! I’m working on creating a frequently asked questions section for our forum in order to help new members and established members as well.

What questions do you think would be helpful to have answers to for new and returning members alike?

Some ideas I have so far are:
How do I tag someone?
How do I let an admin know I need help?
How do I label my posts with relevant tags?

What questions would you add? Remember, there are no stupid questions!

Author List Now Available in the Sidebar

So I added an author list on the sidebar that will list everyone’s tag name and a list of all posts by that individual. Anyone who has not posted will not appear, though I can turn that on if you want.

I’m not sure if this feature is useful. I thought it might be easier to find each other’s tags when needed for shout outs and to see who all has written a post here. 🙂

If this feature is not helpful, let me know and I can turn it off.

Short Story Feedback

I wrote an entry for a writing contest group that I mentioned here a while back. I’m hoping to get some #feedback on it before voting begins on Monday.

Some things I’m wondering about:

  • pacing
  • how believable the main character is (he’s a male character)
  • is the plot too cliche
  • are the last lines too cliche

General thoughts and opinions are welcome too along with any constructive criticism.

Your feedback helps me be a better writer.

Thank you!

Read it here.

Feedback on My Blog Post Illustrations

Yesterday, I posted a blog post with some cartoon illustrations to go along with it. I’d like some #feedback on the following:

Should I start adding drawings like those with my blog posts?
If so, how often? Always? Once a week?
If so, any ideas of what else I should draw?

Blog a Day

it’s National Blog Posting Month. I thought it was in November too, but it’s happening now. If you need topics to write about or want to participate, the link is