Blogging 201: Day Ten â€“…

Blogging 201: Day Ten – Give ‘Em What They Want, II
I learned so many things in Blogging 201. See you around 🙂

Writing 101: Day Twelve â€“…

Writing 101: Day Twelve – Play With Word Count (50 Words)
It all start at 50, I am not really used to this but learning is FUN 🙂

Have a nice day 🙂

Writing 101: Day Eleven â€“…

Writing 101: Day Eleven – Writing And Not Writing
When I am not writing, I let go of my plans and allow the day to unfold naturally.

Have a nice day 🙂


Blogging 201: Day Six â€“…

Blogging 201: Day Six – Dig Deep Into A Social Network
I decided that I am going to link and share my content in Twitter. One social media at a time.


Blogging 201: Day Five â€“…

Blogging 201: Day Five – Make the Most of Your Archives
When we archive properly our published posts, it is easy for us to go back to re-read or by linking to older post.

Writing 101: Day Ten â€“…

Writing 101: Day Ten – Update Your Readers Over A Cup Of Coffee #GlobalGoals
Goal #3 GOOD HEALTH AND WELL BEING, how about you?

Writing 101: Day Six â€“…

Writing 101: Day Six – The Space To Write
Water and chocolate often helps me to have all the creativity in mind with full of inspiration.

Writing 101: Day Five â€“…

Writing 101: Day Five – Let Social Media Inspire You
A man giving his slippers to homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro.

Have a nice weekend