I have been away for…

I have been away for the week…enjoying some much needed time off and rest. Want to wish you all a wonderful New Year and looking forward to connecting with more of you this new year!

Saturday Blogcast – Josee’s introduction- December 26, 2015

Hi There,

Thanks for taking the time to listen. I ask and answer the following questions during this blogcast:

  1. What’s Blogger’s World about?

  2. How do you find Blogger’s World helpful?

  3. How do you help out at Blogger’s world?

  4. How can I get involved if I am new?

  5. What if I have a question?

So I hope you find this short talk valuable, I was a tad bit nervous… 🙂




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Motivation for Creative People by Mark McGuiness – Book review

I found this book by accident one day, and the title grabbed my attention, so I decided to download it on my kindle and read it. As we are all creative folks here, I thought it would be a great book to review and hopefully be able to recommend it.

Mark McGuiness is a poet and life coach who self-published this title in 2015. I am always a fan of people who are self-starters and self-motivated and self-publishing is something I would love to do in the future. I admire the guts it takes to create something like a book and put it out there.

This book is available for download as an eBook, and you can also purchase a paperback version. I got my eBook version from Amazon for less than $4 Canadian, such a good price!

Mark’s style of writing is conversational and this book is an easy read. There are no jargon here, just plain and simple language. Mark writes very well, and articulates his ideas clearly. I love how transparent Mark is. You feel like you are sitting in a room with him and listening to him chat.

The content of this book resonated with me deeply. He talks about all of the different types of motivations, those that come from within us (intrinsic) and those that are outside ourselves (extrinsic), and how to balance these for maximum creative output.

Chapter 14 was a goldmine for me. It all about our values and how to figure out what are values are and how to work with them in mind…Do you ever wonder why some tasks seem boring, or more difficult than others to do? Maybe it’s a value based issue. Maybe your values are being compromised and that is why you are not as motivated to do the work. This chapter alone was worth buying this book alone for me.

I am very happy to recommend this book to all creative types. There’s a lot of value here!

Mark McGuiness is also a blogger and you can find his blog at MarkMcGuiness.com for his poetry (which is really good) or at his creative coaching site is  LateralAction

Thank you for allowing me to share with you this great little gem!


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Hello Fellow bloggers!

I’ve written a longer post than I normally do and I was hoping to get feedback…if you see anything that does not flow well, please let me know…I appreciate all the feedback.Thank you!

Nature and Nurture


Does anyone know why some…

Does anyone know why some sites have snow on them and others don’t? I asked one of the sites I was visiting, and she said it just started by itself…I noticed it’s snowing on our forum site! But my own site, there’s no snow… 😦

To Date or Not to Date

Blogging has been around for quite some time now. I remember eight years ago wanting to begin a blog. What writer would not want to jump at the opportunity to write on such an amazing open platform?

One thing that distinctively represents a blog from a website is most blogs have a date stamp on their content.

If you have been blogging for a while, you might want the option to turn the date on your blog posts off. This date mostly appears at the beginning sometimes at the  end of each post. I am going to share how I turned the post date on my blog posts off. Did you know you have the option to turn them off?

Why would anyone want to turn the dates on their posts off?

Well for me, the deciding factor was that I want my blog to be around for many years. I don’t want my readers to come across my blog 5 years from now and feel that my content is no longer relevant to them. If writing content that is not date specific, then turning the dates off might be a better option.

Here are some other pros and cons I have come across on whether to date or not to date.

To Date

Having dates on posts is a great way to:

  1. Shows the readers a blog has up to date content and is regularly updated
  2. Dates give structure to a blog
  3. Dates give an indication how current the post is, this is especially important if are sharing time sensitive content, or any content relating to technology.
    • for example this post would definitely need a date, as it contains information that is time sensitive…5 years from now…this might no longer be applicable, so a date would be very helpful to the reader in this case.
  4. The blog is only needed for a short time
    • eg. to promote a new book
  5. Sometimes, a date will add value to the post
    • eg. on a technology site, the more fresh and current the content is, the more valuable it is to the reader.

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5 Steps to an Effective List Post.

I have been learning so much lately and  I wanted to share some of the nuggets I have been so fortunate to find. A great tool when you have been blogging for a certain length of time is list posts. I will give you some suggestion on how to use list posts.

A list post is a great way to share information with your reader in an organized way that gives your reader value. Whether you are creating a how to, or sharing large amounts of information in manageable chunks. Lists are a great tool.

Another great way to use list post is to link to your archives. If you have accumulate some content, a list post is a great way to bring some of your old content back, especially if it is popular content.

So here are 5 steps to creating a great list post.

 1 – Choose a topic and a number of items you want to list.

  • If you are linking to your archives, chose a topic that you have covered in multiple posts and feature them all in one post. I have heard this being referred to a “sneeze” post. Each item in your list will be linked to an article in your archives.
  • If you are creating brand new content, lists are a great way to quickly share large amounts of information in manageable chunks.
  • Lists are great for how to articles.

2 – Make sure the items in your list are related to your chosen topic, and make sense.

  • Each item on your list should be related to your topic, and offer your reader value.
  • A list post also referred to as a “sneeze” post is a great place for a new reader to get to know you and your blog. and for you to feature some of your favorite or popular content.
  • A good “sneeze” post will also bring some of your unseen content into the light.
  • Number each item and make sure it correlates to the number of items you have chosen

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#howtoarticles @sashay909 Hi Rashmi -…


@sashay909 Hi Rashmi – How would you like me to go about writing a how- to? Should I write it and just submit it here, or would you like me to send it via email for you to edit and post after making the necessary changes…I was thinking of talking about list posts, as I have been learning quite a bit about them and I wanted to share what I had learned. let me know if this is something you could use.