New Post – Travel Photo Jaipur Festival



I have posted about a new contemporary festival that was showcased here in Jaipur recently.

Travel photo Jaipur /Pt II

Awaiting for your feedback on the same!

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New post- Sunrise amidst barren hills



I have posted a new post which captures beautiful sunrise.

Friday Skywatch-Sunrise amidst barren hills

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Here’s a new post I have made-Jaipur Kite Festival

Check this one out, Its a new post I have made

Jaipur Kite Festival

Feedback awaited


New Post -Weekly Photo Challenge- Vibrant

Here’s a new post posted in response to weekly Photo Challenge – Vibrant.


Weekly Photo Challenge- Vibrant

/ Turban/ JLF

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New post – Friday Skywatch-Makar Sakranti/Cloud hole!!

Hi this is a new post that I have posted:


Friday Skywatch-Makar Sakranti/Cloud hole!!


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New Post – WPC- Optimistic!

Hi I have posted a new post in response to Weekly Photo Challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge –Optimistic/ Jaipur Literature Festival

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Here’s a new post I have made

Here’s a new post I have made.

Forest Guard/ Girdhari

I had started “conversation” series but somehow didn’t pursue it further. Making a change and continuing it further with this post.

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