Sorry guys!!!

I have been AWOL for the last 2 weeks with my itchy feet!!! Work and lack of traveling opportunities has been keeping me pre-occupied!!! Will be coming back soon. PROMISE!!!

Beauty of scheduling

I am once on time for my Monday feature. Take a look and let me know?


Something exceptional happened last Sunday,…

Something exceptional happened last Sunday, and I have been preparing this post for the last one week. Let me know how you feel?

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Monday feature ready!!!

Finally!!! And almost on time!!!! 

Take a glimpse on my new feature post. 


One of the best books that I have read in a long time!!!!

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Hi guys!!! 

Monday post is still pending. But it won’t be out before next week since hopefully I will have somethig to write about this weekend. 

I have decided to create a To Be Read section in my other blog and as the first post for the feature here is my April reads!!!

Hi Guys!!!!

So Finally I had time to start on my Rajasthan travelogue!!! Here is the first glimpse… ….. a little different from my usual style. So all feedbacks would be appreciated!!!

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Sorry guys!!!

I am going tonout up my Monday feature next week since I do not have any content currently. 

Well, I guess by now…

Well, I guess by now you must be used to my late Monday features!!!

This is my new feature –

Check it out and do let me know


Hi guys

Night owl and midnight flights gel well together 😀 

Here I am with my Monday feature, for once on time.

And another book recommendation.