It’s a rainy afternoon here in Philippine. I miss Blogger’s world company! 🙂
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Moving onto better things

Hello there!
Moving onto better things

here’s my latest post #feedback-thank

here’s my latest post #feedback-thank
It Hurts Me

Hi guys!

I don’t know if you guys still remember me…I’m sorry for not being able to join to some of your activities been busy lately. I’ve posted a new blog A Second Chance for a Player if you guys have time just click the link I provide.
Thanks everyone!

Hello guys,

Sorry for being out of touch over the past week. I’ve been busy and having a slow internet connection. Well, anyways I posted the Part 2 of Chapter One of my story Uncertaing feelings. And I also posted the whole Chapter Two: The Incident. #feedback

Hi, I joined in a…

Hi, I joined in a 3 day quote challenge try to check all the quotes I posted on my blog. Kindly click the link I provide. Thanks everyone!

I’m Sorry :'(

Hi guys!
I am deeply sorry, if I wasn’t able to reply or rather respond to all the activities that had happened last holiday. I guess, I missed a lot of happenings here!
Now, I’m updating myself and start reading some of your posts. Anand post caught my attention.. his post of stepping down as an admin. I’m having a second thought of hitting the like button (so, I didn’t). I didn’t know him personally but I can tell that he’s a nice person. The way he gives feedback to some of my posts and to the other bloggers as well, it sounds like he’s a great person and I think… he’s just doing his job as an admin. He helps a lot of bloggers specially to those new members (like me!). But whatever reason he had in mind.. I(we) respect your decision, still hoping that we can still here your voice here, tho!

Okay, going back to my own reason…I’ve been busy and I wasn’t able to open all my social media account during holiday. There are a lot of things I’m taking care of, like, my new house. I am now working out on my first post for this year 2016 and I’ll share the link here once I’m done! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!


The Second Friday: 100 Words Stories!

Hi, like what I’ve said to Anand, I’ve been publishing the excerpt of the story I made a couple of months ago. So, instead of posting the whole chapter here, I’ll give you the link on my blog. Here’s my entry, from the story Uncertain Feelings: Part One of Chapter One – Dealing with Psychopath.


Hi Fellow Bloggers!

If you guys have some spare time you can check my site. I published the first volume of  My Heart Speaks and maybe you might like the Excerpt of the story I was created a few months ago. Thanks everyone!

Love lots,



Well actually I didn’t prepare any blog today and I am deeply sorry for not keeping my blog up to date, I’ve been busy lately. I rushed off my feet at the shop to canvass certain materials I will be use for the improvement of my house (ow, btw, I’m working on a blog about my new house and I will publish once I’m done). There’s a lot of things need to be done by this week and it sucks bc I need to work my fingers to the bone to make big bucks.  Jeez! I didn’t know that this is going to be hard, I need to be more responsible in terms of saving money and I’m not used to it (saving money is just not my thing).

I know I’m a bit busy, still working on my next blog, though!
And btw, have you guys heard about The Sunday Currently link-up by siddathorntonI am planning to join the link-up. Did anyone had tried this? I found this fun, so might as well try on this coming Sunday, if you guys wanted to know more about “The Sunday Currently” try to click the link. You can also try to join the weekly post if you want, but make sure to credit  Sidda Thornton.

Okay, I have to go guys! I need to finish some of my paper works. Just dropped by to let you know, why I didn’t have post lately and I’m trying my best to be more productive.
Have a great week ahead, byeeii!