Hi everyone! I just wanted…

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share that my very first novel is available! All the details on it can be found here on my blog https://coolbeans4.wordpress.com/2018/04/14/my-debut-novel-the-time-company-is-now-available/ 🙂
I hope everyone’s doing well!

Hey! I have a few…

Hey! I have a few questions that doesn’t pertain to blogging per se, but writing and I know a lot of you are fiction writers as well.
I’m a skinny, straight white female writing/editing my first novel(!) and I’m hoping y’all can help me with my diverse characters because I’d hate to inadvertently say something offensive or politically incorrect when describing them.

One character is a curvier girl. I don’t love the word ‘curvy’ because I find that too sexual and this character is seventeen. How else can I tell readers she’s not skinny? And I don’t mean like…obese, I just mean, not super skinny.
Another character is black (but is saying ‘she is black’ okay?). In my head she’s a lighter shade (think Beyoncé) but I don’t know if there are words to describe that either (that I, a white person, can use).

Another question I have is if anyone has tips for writing accents (Irish and/or Australian, specifically) or if it’s better to just write the dialogue normally and let people do their own accents in their head when reading.

Any advice or guidance or links or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hi y’all! A fellow blogger…

Hi y’all! A fellow blogger and I started a project called the Online Movie Swap and it’s a free, fun way to get new movie suggestions and connect with new people. If this has piqued your interest, more details can be found here! https://coolbeans4.wordpress.com/2017/03/26/online-movie-swap/ 😀

Parks And Recreation – The Best TV Show You’ll Ever Watch

I watch a lot of TV, and I’d recommend almost all my shows to anyone, but I know that not everyone will appreciate the darkness of Daredevil or the drama of Unreal. But there is one show that I think everyone will love. I’m always quick to suggest it as it quickly became one of my all time favourite shows: Parks And Recreation.

Parks And Rec is a mockumentary show that follows the lives of the employees of Pawnee, Indiana’s parks and recreation department. The main character is Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, and Leslie is the single best female character to ever exist. She’s smart, funny, pretty, confident, determined, kind and resourceful. But more on her later.

This show is a comedy, and when I say that, I mean that it’s actually funny. Literal laugh-out-loud lines and jokes that stick with you. And what’s more is that none of the jokes are offensive. So many shows today rely on mean jokes (eg. The Big Bang Theory) or purely sexual jokes (eg. Two And A Half Men) or jokes that are just offensive to minorities (eg. Family Guy). Parks And Rec has none of that. Aside from a few innuendos, this show is great for all ages!

If you liked The Office, you’ll like this show. In fact, the show’s creator, Mike Schur, was a writer on The Office. Some of the humor is somewhat subtle, but it’s a lot funnier than The Office, and you don’t have to hate-love anyone like with Michael Scott. Because all the characters are so, so likable. Seriously, I can’t even begin to explain how great these characters are. Each one is so funny in their own way, so special, and play such an important part of the show. And they’re all flawed in some way. Even Leslie Knope has flaws, and so you really understand these characters and they feel like friends. They’re all confident in themselves. Ben is a nerd but a proud one. Ron is stubborn but loyal. Chris has some mental problems but will happily tell people about his therapist. Andy isn’t the smartest but he knows that and makes up for it in other ways. Such dimensions on characters, especially on a comedy show, isn’t very common.

Parks And Rec is a feel good show in every way. Not only is it just a cheery show, but the deeper stories inspire. I think about Leslie Knope a lot. She doesn’t have a glamorous job, but she loves what she does and great goals. Through her dedication at work, she was able to achieve so much, make so many great friends, and even meet the love of her life. She inspires me to be a better female, a better worker and a better friend, and I’m sure she’ll inspire all of you too.


I seriously urge all of you to give this show a try. It’s seven seasons, but the first season is only six episodes, so you can knock that out in two hours! I must admit, though, that the first two seasons are not the best. They’re good, and I’ll happily watch them, but the show really picks up in the third season when Ben and Chris come in. So if you can get through the first bit, then I promise that you’ll love it. Everyone I know who’s seen the show absolutely adores it.

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Well, this place seems dead….

Well, this place seems dead. I guess we really owe the admins a lot for keeping people active because without them, things are really not happening.
Anyways, two months ago, I offered to do the TV review, but the date was taken so I was told I could have September’s date. I wrote the post ages ago but don’t remember what date that was and no one has made a monthly schedule so if I could have some details or something, that’d be great, otherwise I’ll just post it whenever.
I understand that September is a busy month but hopefully activity here picks up soon.

Hey y’all! Last week I…

Hey y’all! Last week I posted a movie review, but the post didn’t get as much engagement as other posts. I like writing the odd movie review, but it’s disheartening when posts aren’t as well received. So I ask you: is there something I could add or do to movie reviews to get more engagement? Am I giving away too much or too little info? Please let me know! http://coolbeans4.wordpress.com/sing-street-movie-review/
Also, tomorrow is the last day of the month, so I urge you to participate in my Monthly Look Ahead! 🙂

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I’m an adult Picky Eater….

I’m an adult Picky Eater. I open up about that in my latest blog post. The purpose of the post is twofold: one, to relate to other picky eaters and two, to let parents of picky eaters know there’s hope. Did I succeed?


What font best represents you?…

What font best represents you? In my latest post I share my pick and I invite you to do the same. https://coolbeans4.wordpress.com/2016/07/16/what-font-are-you/


Multiple WordPress Publishing….?

Hey all, I was wondering what your thoughts were on multiple publishing. Considering a few of us discussed republishing posts a few days ago, I think this is an interesting next point to discuss.
Just so we’re all on the same page, what I mean by ‘multiple publishing’ is changing the time of a post you just published so it refreshes on people’s Reader. As long as this is done within 24 hours, this can be done many times a day.
When I first saw someone I followed do this, I thought it was a glitch and was about to unfollow and refollow, but I asked them about it and they told me they do it on purpose.
It makes sense as to why (so people who may have missed it can see it) but like republishing (no offense), it just feels a bit weird. I mean, part of the point of good blogging is knowing when you get the most viewers and working around that…right?
The problem I now face is if I should do it too. All the blogs I see that do it have a lot of followers and their posts get a lot of interaction, and I’m sure that multiple publishing helps a lot in that department.
I don’t want to seem like a cop out or that I’m spamming followers in a desperate fit for attention.


The Oxford Comma – A Guest Post

In the English language, most grammar is pretty set in stone. From a young age kids are taught the rights and wrongs, even if they choose to ignore it in their everyday online conversations.
But there is one grammar rule that’s open to opinion: the Oxford comma.

There are two groups of people: those who adamantly use it, and those who don’t. Somehow, I fall into the mysterious third group: those who don’t really care either way.

What is the Oxford comma? It’s the comma that comes before the last thing in a list. Example: “I went to the store to buy apples, grapes, cookies, and pasta.” I could write the sentence without that last comma like: “I went to the store to buy apples, grapes, cookies and pasta.” and it’d still make sense.

There’s a really interesting kid’s book called Eats Shoots And Leaves that highlights the importance of commas, but in more obvious ways. The Oxford comma isn’t all that obvious and that’s why its use isn’t mandatory.

That being said, there are some cases where its inclusion makes for easier comprehension. Take the following sentence for example:

“At the concert I saw my friends, Madonna and Taylor Swift.”

One reading this could technically assume that my friends ARE Madonna and Taylor Swift, when I was really just listing who I saw at the concert. But if an Oxford comma was there, there would be no confusion.

“At the concert I saw my friends, Madonna, and Taylor Swift.”

I know I said I don’t really care about its use but honestly, I don’t have a preference because I was never taught to. I’m very precise about my regular commas and I know how to use a semi-colon, which is more than I can say for my engineer father (seriously!), but I was taught about those in school and because I pursued writing, I’m more aware.

I do understand the Oxford comma’s function. Lately, I do try to include it in my writing, but it’ll take time to become as natural to me.

Do you use it? Do you find it important? Will you try to use it if you don’t?

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