13 words Story#

Deception is like a mask, hiding details and not completely covering the truth !

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100 words story#Mad house

Mr. Mad, a scientist, had just invented a Mad medicine and left it near the open window in the science room in his house. Just then, one by one, some naughty monkeys hopped down from the nearby tree, drank the bottle of medicine, entered the house and started crazily scampering here and there. One of the mad monkeys outside, bit their bulldog, Madder which also turned mad. The dog then ran after Mr.Mad and his wife, Mrs.Mad, bit both of them, and they also screamed hysterically and danced inside the house. Thereafter, that house was called the “Mad House” !
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Can i please know when…

Can i please know when is the new blogging course 201 starting ? 🙂 @thinkerv0 @sashay909

13 Words Story#

The company became a juggernaut with its best seller laptop in the market.

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My First Blogcast#

Hello everybody ! This is my first blogcast which was recorded on 31/12/2015 for 3 minutes and 27 seconds. My voice may be low, so you could turn up the volumes and use earphones or headsets if needed.

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HaPPy NeW YeaR !

Wishing all my blogger friends :



What do you think about the little things in life ? Do the little things really matter to you in life ? What would you have said instead if the word “Hello” never existed ? 🙂


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13 Words Story#Mayhem A thief…

13 Words Story#Mayhem

A thief broke into the neighbouring house and some sort of mayhem followed…

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The Midnight Call – A Suspense Story

Mr.Fox was a short, medium-build, man of 60 years with greyed out hair and brown eyes. A senior criminal lawyer. A simple and humble human being, who was devoted to his job. He was just back home after a visit to his elder sister that Sunday. They were both meeting after a gap of 2 years. His brother in law, Mr.Brown, was out of town. The last time they had met was for Mr.Fox’s wife’s funeral. She had died of a prolonged illness. It was already past 11:30 pm that stormy night. There was nobody outside in the surrounding area, except for a stray dog that howled continuously. Mr.Fox was searching for his reading glass at the time. He had a hobby of sitting down in his favourite rocking chair in the dining hall and finding solace in reading novels, every night before going to bed. He was one such person, always determined, and never willing to give in to loneliness, following his wife’s death. Just then the telephone rang. Continue reading

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