A post that is not a challenge!! Blood Moon experience

Last week when we had the full blood moon I did not wait up to see it eclipse or set but it sure was a treat to watch it rise over the ocean

Here is my post of a particularly mindful connection between me and the moon …. cant put it adequately into words o I hope the images will say it all

Once in a blood Moon

Hope you enjoy it


Camera Lucida another challenge :)

HI everyone, am getting to grips slowly with Windows 10 … here is another challenge post…I have a few to catch up on and a wealth of creative ideas for my own stuff to do .

Letting the light in on Autumn

Is it only me or does anyone else wake up in the morning with a head bursting with ideas to blog???



I seem to have overlooked…

I seem to have overlooked posting here sorry, I got carried away with tags and stuff and was thinking that it would show here automatically. But I guess not. I have just upgraded to a new laptop and am struggling to get to know Windows 10 so please excuse me if I fail to read and respond to many of your posts for a week or so. The mail system on it is atrocious so I will have to find another way of getting my email notifications .
Here is my latest post ….. yes another photographic challenge lol I do enjoy them so much .

Have a great week everyone!!!

I finally got to doing…

I finally got to doing a post , though it is only a response challenge , I must admit I am finding even this challenging … pardon the pun
here is my link to the post

Subcsription to Zigma

Can someone tell me please if this site is from our wordpress university group? i seem to have got myself subscribed to it and it is taking over my in box and has nothing that I would want to read ( sorry if it is someone here but I doubt that)

I wanted to unsubscribe but was taken to a WordPress page that everyone  from 101 ‘s blogs are listed. it wasnot there

Any suggestions please?

this is the site