Blogcast – Importance of “Others” in our lives

Hello people!

Firstly, I am sorry because this post have to be a Blogcast i.e. an audio on a topic. But sadly, I lost my phone some days back so I am totally cut off from the world 😀

So, for now I am being social and doing things in my laptop. I couldn’t make an audio but I won’t disappoint because thankfully, I had this video of mine, which I made last week.

It’s on how “others” play an important part in our lives.

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Shutterbug Showcase – Sunlight in the city

Sunlight in the City – The photo prompt was given by Sara. This image has been clicked by a close friend of mine. He is a photographer and I am not 😀 He has so beautifully captured the rising sun in the beach during one of our rides in Orissa.



This picture is clicked with his iPhone.

Going by the rules, here is the Shutterbug Showcase weekly prompt for @surbhisachdeva89 for July 07 – Smiles.

Till then keep sharing in the comments below on what you think of this week’s prompt — Sunlight in the city.

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Blogcast || Maktub || Darshith

Hello, friends! I am Darshith from Smiles here & smiles there.

I have shared an audio below on Maktub, an Arabic word meaning “It is written”.

I also make video blogs(vlogs) on YouTube. If possible, check them here and your feedback will be appreciated.

Thank you for your time. Happy weekend! 🙂

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That pencil stroke

That scribbling
That design
That graphite
That imperfection
That pencil stroke
Made my life
Made my dream
Made me believe
That I can make it a reality
Gave me strength
Gave me hope
Gave me a reason
To live my life
That piece of paper
With that pencil stroke
Will always be close to me
Safe in my trunk
Hidden within a pouch
Because that’s the dream
Dream to make this world
Better as I see it
I can’t do it alone
I will need help
I will need friends
I will need accomplishes
But they all will come
At the right time
When I decide
To pursue my dream
To take it seriously
Make it happen
Make it a reality
It may take months & years
And even decades for my dream
To become real
But it definitely will
And before anything
Before any realization of my dream
That pencil stroke
Sealed my fate
Made me follow it endlessly


P.S.: This work is an inspiration from the movie The Walk. I seriously loved it. I think I watched it at the right time in my life. Today’s song pick is Haven’t met you yet of Michael Buble.


Unsaid goodbyes

Hey friends,

I have posted a blog titled A simple “Hi” leading to unsaid goodbyes.

Please check it out and your valuable feedback will be heartly appreciated ❤

Happy sunday 🙂

My Unknown self

Hello Guys,
I am very new here, so do skip the things which I do wrong 😀 but make sure to let me know so that I don’t repeat them in the future 😉

I have posted a blog and it’s called My Unknown Self

You can check out and let me know your views on it 🙂

Have a great day!

— Darshith 🙂