I’m so glad to see…

I’m so glad to see how well Blogger’s World is doing! I have suffered from a data diet for too long! Since we still travel full time, we pay for our GB data on a monthly basis. From time to time, we have some extended time with reliable free wifi. With all that said, I hope to pop in more. I did want to comment on a post, a question by @cathylynnbrooks, but discovered I can’t comment anymore.
She wrote a book review, but said she deleted the photo and asked why aren’t photos allowed? I liked her book review, but I didn’t see the name of the book nor the author – probably were in the photo. I know at one time we didn’t post photos because some members (like me) have limited wifi and not enough data to download pictures. But yet, on the other book reviews, I saw the cover photos. I’m most interested as I have a book I would like to review!
Great job you are doing my Wandering Soul friend @piyushavir!
Blessings to all!

Wow! Thank you Bloggers World Community! I feel guilty I’m not in here as often as I’d like to be. And then this happens!  

I’d like to introduce a…

I’d like to introduce a new and young blogger, Shilpa. She is an aspiring author and has created a beautiful blog. I’d also like to introduce her to @drmegsorick and her posts about publishing. I just can’t find those posts! I’ve invited her to come on in and look around.
@sashay909 – how do I discover her @ name? Please be on the lookout for her.
Here is Shilpa’s blog: https://impeccablehopes.wordpress.com

Blogging Advice: My Observations From Networking

Want to grow your blog? Get more followers? Here’s a few easy steps! And I really loved the last suggestion as a grammar-terian! That’s for you @anand!

Dream Big, Dream Often

As is my usual practice I try to pass along any blogging advice that comes to mind throughout the day.  Posts like this one are always prompted by things I see on pages as I network each day.  I am truly amazed at what I see: good and bad.

Now I want to preface this post by saying I am learning to be less black and white.  I realize that there are bloggers that haven’t been blogging for long and make costly mistakes, imho.  But, just as I look at someone’s page and analyze, a more experienced blogger looks at my page and sees mistakes I make or ways I could be better.  So keep that in mind.

Blog-300x294 image credit: govdelivery.com

Also, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to blog, but there are practices that will give you a better chance of expanding your reach.  With that said…


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Just updated our famous or…

Just updated our famous or infamous #grammar Table of Contents.

Please check out my young…

Please check out my young college student friend’s recent award post. We met in July’s Blogging 101. He’s become a blogger mentor to me, helping me clean up both of my blogs (I still need to do a few more things). Anyway, he is a very talented young man and could use a little “love” or likes or better yet, comments. Check out his blog!

I’m so preoccupied with life,…

I’m so preoccupied with life, this post just popped out during my insomnia! https://lifetimeofforgiveness.wordpress.com/2016/01/12/death-and-taxes/
As always #feedback appreciated

Year end report

A few other bloggers have taken advantage of the WordPress year-end stats on our blogs. If you didn’t get yours in the email, check your spam folder. I have 2 blogs. Since I’ve gone award free, I discovered this is a great way to still give shout outs to “friends” blogs without the extra work.
Here’s my personal blog’s year-end report. And here is my travel blog’s year-end blogging report. I saw this first on Christina’s blog. I liked the idea and took advantage of a great way to thank your top commenters!


I’m so behind in blogging….as…

I’m so behind in blogging….as I have noticed others as well. Here is a post from our travel blog and a post from my personal blog. #feedback is always appreciated!
I’ve taken Blogging 101 twice and Blogging 201. In spite of all I have learned, my posts tend to be more personal and for our future use as our memories fade! But we do still hope we can be inspiring to others. We have been so blessed in so many ways. We have lived many highs and lows this year, with the birth of our second grandson and the death of my dear step-dad. And such is life…..

Here is an updated Table of Contents

As of January 21, 2016, this is an updated “Table of Contents” for our #weekly #grammar /punctuation feature.  We’ve added our very first post, which was overlooked in previous versions. Contributors, please let me know if I need to make any other corrections/additions.

We hope this helps newcomers.

August 20: Your Weekly Dose of Grammar and Punctuation @thinkerv0

August 26: Make your sentences make sense @drmegsorick

September 2: Comma Splice @theanonymoustalker

September 9: Choosing the right word @drmegsorick

September 16: Avoiding Apostrophe Catastrophe @pamkirst2014

September 24: English grammar and style options. Plus proofreading tools. @dalees107

September 30: Cranky: that’s what I am! Misuse of the colon. @pamkirst2014

October 7: Wordiness @dalees107

October 14: Verb Tense @drmegsorick

October 22: Cranky Old English Teacher  @pamkirst2014

October 29: Passive Voice @dalees107

November 4: Avoiding Repetition. @drmegsorick

November 18: Reflecting on the reflexive and who’s who @maddy1953

November 25: Grammar Time! @drmegsorick

December 3:  Passive or active, slippery or secure?@maddy1953

December 10: Sometimes Fragmented, Always Searching for Independence @pamkirst2014

December 17: Say what you mean and mean what you say @dalees107

December 24: Apostrophes and Apostrophe Abuse @maddy1953

December 30: “Can we talk?” I asked. Writing dialogue! @drmegsorick

January 6: “Checking the Intake Valve.” @pamkirst2014

January 21: ““A Little Comma Relief”  @pamkirst2014

And “How to make your post sticky” whenever you publish the weekly feature.

Please feel free to make comments and suggestions as to how to make this a better grammar feature. I don’t “own” it so anyone can come in and edit it with the approval of the admins. I’d like to put it in reverse with the newest first, but just lacking time this month. So busy helping my mom and keeping a diary of what all we are doing….

Kristina @kristinavanhoos
Rashmi @sashay909