Grrr not liking the new editor

Can you #help or is it the new editor?! I’m having real problems with the way the new editor is working for photographs . . in the past when I uploaded photographs in the middle of writing a post I could easily change the file names, titles, size and add URL links. Now though I seem to have to go through various hoops . . .

Yes after you had added the photo to the post you can change where it is place and play with -/+ to alter the size but you don’t have the same control as before. I’ve found the edit button but it doesn’t seem to bring up the URL or filename options. The latter is key for me when creating a gallery as all to often I don’t rename the files until I have created the gallery, and I want to change the filenames as they appear as well as titles/captions when viewing photographs via gallery.

The only way I have been able to do what I used to is to remember how to find and then the media library in the original wordpress set up but that is a real nuisance. I know I could be more disciplined with renaming files before I upload but that’s isn’t my working style!!

Is it just me or is anyone else having similar problems?

A lovely thing happened on Twitter this weekend… Introducing #HelpCircle

Wow…just seen this via twitter. Amazing wonderful idea .


On Thursday night, the psychologist, author, magician and lovely man Dr Richard Wiseman sent out a tweet:

It’s half term and we really wanted to take the girls out for a little treat, but with money so tight (and payday a week away) we were probably going to have to nudge beyond the overdraft to do it. So I replied with a fairly mundane request:

It was quite late at night and I went to bed thinking not much more about it. There were bound…

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It’s a rainy day so I’m playing tag . . .

and am hoping you might all play too!

I suspect most of us discover new blogs through blogs we already follow, for example via an award or noticing what they have recently liked. All great ways to find inspiration, something new and someone to follow.

The risk of course though is that you only find those who are similar to you, and so you might miss something completely different or something posted ages ago but still remarkable.

To try and avoid this every now and then I play tag. Very easy to play and you never know where it might take you, or who it might bring to your blog.

Here’s how to play

#bloggingtools, #discussion, #followus, #tag, #ideas

I know we all write…

I know we all write in some form or other . . .
and imagine therefore we all read lots too. If that is the case I thought you might be interested in a meme I came across today. It is called ‘Teaser Tuesday‘ and is run by A Daily Rhythm. You can find out more via my post today.
#idea #feedback

PS Just love ‘It was Coleman behind the table’.

Wow been a while since I dropped by

and feels as though I have missed out on so much. Such a challenge staying on top of everything.

I’ve not been doing Blogging201 but have been playing around with a facebook page having read this post. Don’t know if you have seen it @lulaharp but might be worth a read if you haven’t. The key thing I’ve learnt though over the past couple of weeks because I’ve been scheduling rather than interacting is that whilst scheduling is great it does not have a very positive impact if you are looking for more followers, inspiration and engagement. Been so noticeable on the stats, but more importantly I’ve missed the fun of talking to you amazing people.

Lesson learnt must book in time to interact, interact, interact!!