I know we all write…

I know we all write in some form or other . . .
and imagine therefore we all read lots too. If that is the case I thought you might be interested in a meme I came across today. It is called ‘Teaser Tuesday‘ and is run by A Daily Rhythm. You can find out more via my post today.
#idea #feedback

PS Just love ‘It was Coleman behind the table’.

Wow been a while since I dropped by

and feels as though I have missed out on so much. Such a challenge staying on top of everything.

I’ve not been doing Blogging201 but have been playing around with a facebook page having read this post. Don’t know if you have seen it @lulaharp but might be worth a read if you haven’t. The key thing I’ve learnt though over the past couple of weeks because I’ve been scheduling rather than interacting is that whilst scheduling is great it does not have a very positive impact if you are looking for more followers, inspiration and engagement. Been so noticeable on the stats, but more importantly I’ve missed the fun of talking to you amazing people.

Lesson learnt must book in time to interact, interact, interact!!