Past meets Present

Hi all . . I’ve not been here for a while as everyday life has taken over a bit, and I have been struggling with sharing posts and reading others. I have though this morning added a page to my Portuguese blog to share the news about my ‘monthly challenge’.

Now in its third month I thought it was about time to let you in on it too!

So here’s the challenge, and here’s my latest response. Do let me know what you think and even better why not take part.

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Shutterbug Showcase – A Cosy Corner

Thanks for the excellent prompt @foodeezjunction. Must admit I struggled though as I rarely take photos indoors and all I could think of doing when I saw the prompt was disappearing off and sitting in a comfy seat with a book and a glass of wine! However I told myself to focus and so I did. I was scrolling through photographs I took a week or so ago and I came across this one.Hyde (61)

Can you spot her in the corner? Hyde (60)She’s in the top right, and looks very cosy up there. Although when I took a close up of her in her cosy corner I decided I’d probably not find her nest as cosy as she does! What does cosy corner make you think of? Do you have a cosy corner? Do leave a comment below, or even better take a photograph too and link back to this post. Next week it will be @sashay909 showcasing a photograph. I was going to suggest ‘drama’ for your prompt but the daily post did dramatic at weekend, so how about ‘companion‘ for next week.
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Is boredom a good enough reason to change?

Hi all, I need your help as it is raining outside and so I am in front of my computer pondering things.

I have two blogs. One is called My Life of a 40 Something and the second It Caught my Eye in Portugal is the one I am pondering on.

It has been a while since I set up the theme for my Portuguese one, and I am not sure I like it anymore. However it could be a simple case of it is raining, and I am uncertain if rain effects and theme boredom are good enough reasons to change my theme!  What do you think?

If you can spare a few moments to visit It Caught my Eye in Portugal I’d welcome your thoughts. I have listed below the one question I’d love you to answer if you . . . .

  1. only began blogging in the last 9months – Is there anything about the Portuguese one you’d be tempted to copy? (ie what should I keep?!)
  2. have a photo blog – Does my home page work for photographs? (what theme do you use?)
  3. are a travel writer – What makes you follow other travel sites? (does mine even tempt you?!)
  4. are a seasoned blogger  – What it is about my Portuguese one that doesn’t work? (ie what one thing would you definitely change if it was yours?!)

Thanks all. Wishing you a peaceful and happy Sunday and week ahead in this uncertain world

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ooh . . .lots of…

ooh . . .lots of interesting posts but so many sticky ones at the moment. I know why they are sticky but could there be an alternative approach somehow @piyushavir @sashay909 @kristinavanhoos #feedback

Nominations for Bloggers Bash Awards Are Now OPEN! — Sacha Black

We are finally on the count down to the bash, peeps. I am so excited I really ought to be wearing a sports bra what with all the bouncing up and down. So far we have announced the totally-off-the-chart-gorgeous venue here. Then we announced our blogger extraordinaire and guest speaker Luca here. But now, now after […]

via Nominations for Bloggers Bash Awards Are Now OPEN! — Sacha Black

Yikes did an interview . . . .

. . . . actually not that bad as the questions are sent to you. Let me know what you think, and if you happen to follow my blog too I’d be really grateful if you could leave a review on the listing page. Here’s the interview if you are interested, and if you would like to leave a review on the blog click here and leave your rating at the bottom of the page. Thanks 😀

PS The only thing I don’t like is the use of the word ‘expats’!

Annual Bloggers Bash

Hi all been a very long while since I post something here but stumbled across an event this morning that I thought everyone might be interested in as there are awards and all sorts of things happening including guest speaker Luca Sartoni on the best use of social media.

abba-2016It is taking place in London on the afternoon of 11th June but you can still follow it live via Twitter using #bloggersbash and the award nominations open on 22nd April so hopefully everyone can participate in one way or other.

For more details check out the official post which is on Sacha Black’s blog/website. If you think you might want to go then you do need to express an interest before 30th April, and if you do decide to go do let me know too as would be brilliant to meet up with bloggers from ‘Blogger’s World’.

PS I hadn’t heard of Luca Sartoni until today but looking at his twitter handle seems like he will know what he talking about on social media!

PPS Hope I’ve categorised and tagged this ok @piyushavir! Wasn’t at all sure about either given the choices, you are right it is far far easier on your own blog. Anyhow I’ve selected idea and event. Think that works 😉


Grrr not liking the new editor

Can you #help or is it the new editor?! I’m having real problems with the way the new editor is working for photographs . . in the past when I uploaded photographs in the middle of writing a post I could easily change the file names, titles, size and add URL links. Now though I seem to have to go through various hoops . . .

Yes after you had added the photo to the post you can change where it is place and play with -/+ to alter the size but you don’t have the same control as before. I’ve found the edit button but it doesn’t seem to bring up the URL or filename options. The latter is key for me when creating a gallery as all to often I don’t rename the files until I have created the gallery, and I want to change the filenames as they appear as well as titles/captions when viewing photographs via gallery.

The only way I have been able to do what I used to is to remember how to find and then the media library in the original wordpress set up but that is a real nuisance. I know I could be more disciplined with renaming files before I upload but that’s isn’t my working style!!

Is it just me or is anyone else having similar problems?

A lovely thing happened on Twitter this weekend… Introducing #HelpCircle

Wow…just seen this via twitter. Amazing wonderful idea .

It’s a rainy day so I’m playing tag . . .

and am hoping you might all play too!

I suspect most of us discover new blogs through blogs we already follow, for example via an award or noticing what they have recently liked. All great ways to find inspiration, something new and someone to follow.

The risk of course though is that you only find those who are similar to you, and so you might miss something completely different or something posted ages ago but still remarkable.

To try and avoid this every now and then I play tag. Very easy to play and you never know where it might take you, or who it might bring to your blog.

Here’s how to play

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