Happy New Year everyone.

I’m sorry that I’ve not been checking in here as regularly as I would have liked over the past months or so but I’ve been busy working on a number of photo jobs etc etc and they really take up my time and focus. The beginning of the year is quiet however so I’m here and reading what you’ve all been posting.

I have a few new posts up on my two blog sites if anyone cares to take a look. I’m always happy for #feedback:





I also want to add that, although I’m not clear as to the reasons why, I’m saddened that Anand has felt he has had to stand down. For my part he will be missed as I’ve always found him to be supportive and gracious.

Big thanks. Big love.


Hi All I’ve noticed that…

Hi All
I’ve noticed that the engagement with my blog/s has all but disappeared from alumni. I’m wondering why this is so wanted to ask a few questions:

Is it because the content is not interesting – many of you here are writers and I’m not – I’m a photographer so perhaps there is a feeling that the material is not relevant?

Is it simply social media fatigue? we do after all each and every one of us follow many people so perhaps we can’t keep up and it simply a matter of time/blog fatigue?

Is it a technology problem? Maybe the post notifications aren’t coming through if you have chosen to ‘Follow’ my blog/s?

I’d be grateful for any feedback in order that I might be able to entice some engagement or correct any faults/issues.

Thank you



New post here. Something a…

New post here. Something a bit different from me.
#feedback always welcome.
Thank you.

Hi folks I’ve just started…

Hi folks

I’ve just started a new blog (on a free wordpress.com platform for now – I might upgrade at a later date). It’s slightly different to the one many of you have already followed as that one is directly related to my photographic business etc – this one is, as you will see, a little more freewheeling and open to contributions as well ;-).

The first post and first page are up.

Grateful for any #feedback

Comments, thoughts etc always welcome.

Many thanks


Dear All It’s been a…

Dear All
It’s been a long time and my apologies for so much silence from me – I have been following your various progressions on Blogging 201 – I had very little time with business commitments to be able to contribute as much as I would have liked to. Many of you have created some amazing things in the few weeks.

I have a recent blog post here about scrapbooks if any of you want to take a look.

Meanwhile I’m glad to be back in touch and will be reading and commenting for a while.

Thanks all, have great days.



Hi All Afraid I am…

Hi All
Afraid I am completely out of touch here and on Writing 101 and Blogging 201 – I seem not to have received the link to allow me into the Commons forums for both of those, plus I’ve just been away for a week on an important photographic project that will lead to national exhibitions next year!!
Consequently I haven’t written anything and barely touched base with all the amazing stuff you’ve all been blogging so my apologies – I’m hoping to catch up this week.
I have just published a photo only based blog post here
Meanwhile I am going to start reading all the things I’ve missed.
Rock on everyone.

Hi folks Sorry for the…

Hi folks

Sorry for the extended radio silence on my part but my wordpress identities got mixed up which resulted in me getting logged out of here for a while!!
I also haven’t written much but today published a post based on the Writing 101 Day 2 prompt about writing a list based blog post.

Hope you enjoy.

Best to you all.