#Feed wannatalkavenscent. June 2019. Hi…

#Feed wannatalkavenscent. June 2019. Hi everybody it as been so long I wonder if any one remembers me what with illness and much of my time taken up trying to find my family I never knew any way I am back having missed you all. My post today is “Who Cares”.

#Feedback. Genealogy is it worth…

#Feedback. Genealogy is it worth it. Wannatalkavenscent.wordpress.
Hi! everybody, My post today is about a genealogy course that I took some of you might find interesting. Have a good day,
Love Jane

#Feedback. Hello everybody, I had…

#Feedback. Hello everybody,
I had almost forgotten about this place it as been so long but I still think of some of the people I met here who I see as still being my friend’s because a few are still here slogging away like me, once a blogger always a blogger. Personally I blog to get things of my chest with the thought that some one might be interested and understand what i am saying and I am not alone with my thoughts. Good to be here again. Have a good day.

A shame.

It is such a shame that some people do not bother to try to sort out things between them and condemn without trying to understand and sort out there differences or agree to disagree.  Life is too short to bare grudges and hate others just because they are too selfish and won’t take time to work it out and are not prepared to forgive if need be.


Hi! yes I am still around doing my own thing. I was just thinking how we take each other so much granted, we might see some one only from a distance from day to day and think little of it and then start to ask what happened to them when we notice they are missing, we do not perhaps even know them but we miss seeing them. Same thing on the net when we talk to people from time to time we are concerned when they are not there any more to say hi! to, people matter to us more than we realize.

hi! everybody sooo sorry for…

hi! everybody sooo sorry for neglecting to check in here more often and see what is going on but i keep an eye peeled and notice some very good blogs that are fairly new and hope they keep up the good work. Love you all. X
from Freespirit Wannatalkavenscent.

Feedback. A while back i…


A while back i could find email addresses of all my friends on WP but it is not available any more any one know why?