Join Me for a Hike with a Book of Haikus?

Here: Lockdown Diaries Day 36 (Hiking the Kii Peninsula with a Book of Haikus


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Lockdown Diaries

Hello everyone!

How about we try to liven this place up a bit more! I see lots of likes as if lots of people visiting but not so many posts!

(Admittedly I haven’t been here for more than half a year or so!)

How about we share some of our lockdown stories for a start?

I’ll start the ball rolling:

We’re in Day 32 here – I’m in London – and currently we have glorious sunshine so I’m typing it this in the garden! I’m lucky as I didn’t lose my job so I’m working from home every day and the network we have to use for work is so slow it’s enough to make you cry!

For those who don’t know: I run a book blog which goes by the name of Waterblogged: Dry Thoughts on Damp Books, at the moment it’s been a bit taken over by the Lockdown Diaries which are a mixture of reporting what’s happening where I am and creating opportunities to escape the lockdown virtually with travel and books. You’re all welcome to check it out of course. 🙂

How is it where you are? What’s the weather like? What are the lockdown rules like? How are you coping? I would love to hear your stories!

Keep safe, keep sane, keep smiling!

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“You’re Gonna Love This Book” – A Comment

For @pamkirst2014

And anybody else who’s interested! 🙂

I didn’t come to read this post of yours, Pam, until today but when I wanted to leave the comment below it, I couldn’t for some reason, so I am forced writing a new post. Apologies. 🙂

I’m totally in agreement with the idea that books mean different things to different people or even that they mean different things to the same person at different stages in their life. So much in agreement in fact that I explored this same avenue a few times in posts of my own on the blog – because Waterblogged: Dry Thoughts on Damp Books was always meant to be an untraditional book blog.

This is the post I’m talking about:

I’m pretty sure I explored the idea in some others but I can’t remember what they were called. 🙂 I think I remember this one because it was a very personal post that I didn’t expect anyone to take much notice of at all,  and it generated a lot of comments and some very interesting conversations.

I always thought that I was an oddity among book bloggers in that I never liked traditional book reviews,  or the kind of analyses that our literature teachers required us to write. (I did like it when they gave us essay questions that allowed us to explore a theme, a thought or a character from a book but that is not at all the same thing – as I think you’d agree!) So when I blog about books, I tend to write exactly the sort of posts that you were describing: talking about why the book matters to me and what I think it can offer to people, rather than going into details of the plot or characterisation or analysing the writer’s style. But I did it all instinctively, I never thought it through the way you did, so it was really interesting to read your thoughts on this.

(Oh and Happy New Year, by the way! 🙂 )

Party Time!

party-people-1644802_1920Welcome to the Bloggers’ World Beach Party

It’s a grey and dull midday where I am. It may be sunny for some of you and it might be a tropical thunderstorm somewhere else. Some of you are maybe still in bed, some of you maybe went already to bed…

No problem! Because this is a virtual party…

So let’s  go down to a nice sandy beach somewhere… (you name it). Personally, I favour the beach under the ruins of the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion. (We’ll pretend that the horrible hotel is not there.) And let’s watch the sunset over the Aegean together.

Bring out the party food, the cocktails and the mocktails, your swimsuit and beach towel (if you like a nice moonlit swim in the still waters of the bay later) – and of course the music!

How to Blog Party (In Case You’ve Never Done This Before)

Add a comment at the end of this post, introducing your blog (don’t forget to leave a link).  Read and reply to other people’s comments, visit blogs that take your fancy, chat to people like you’d do at a real party. You might or might not encounter new blogs to follow and new followers for your own blog but at the very least you have the chance to talk about blogging and make new friends.

I’ll start it off with an intro to my blog:

Waterblogged: Dry Thoughts on Damp Books

…started out life as a book blog when I got fed up with my family pulling faces at the dinner table as I was trying to share my earth-shattering insight into books I’ve been reading. And it remains primarily a book blog although it’s been enriched with travel photography, a quotes section and a bit of art and architecture on the side.

I read anywhere and everywhere – including the bath tub. In consequence I ruined many a good book by dropping them into the bath. If you have just spoiled a book in similar manner, I’ll refer you to my Wet Book Rescue page. 🙂

It’s not one of those book review sites where books are graded by stars and you get a link to a bookshop to buy the book and earn the blogger money. Although occasionally I write the odd more or less traditional review, there’s more to writing about books than writing reviews as you’ll find out if you explore my blog. 🙂

I love the classics (modern and ancient), history and travel so these are my chief topics (although I read plenty of rubbish too!).

BW Party: One Day to Go!

Time to organise the party food, folks, and choose the music!

See ya’ll tomorrow. 🙂

You’re Invited: BW PARTY

Party Date: 23 October

2 days to go!

All invited whether or not ever having been active members of this forum – bring all your “friends and relations”, business associates and the lonely old lady who lives next door! The more, the merrier!

Come and introduce your blogs, get to know others and have fun!

@ishitarc1908, @niciacruz, @wordsfromarifa, @21timetraveler, @thelink19, @adriennea3, @infobloomer, @raniamanda, @amommasview, @anandartist, @andysmerdon, @angieskitchenshenanigans, @annfishervirtualworld, @agord2015, @anushababbar, @arpitastravelblog, @thecajkovic, @bennabdycollins, @bethanyaharvey, @bobbyshabangu, @brendablagdon, @cathylynnbrooks, @niyati16, @colettebates, @darshith0000, @audreydcunningham, @camelliasentry, @wynstep, @princeramsey, @clockworkindigo, @visionofdestinyuganda, @continuingwithme, @crawcraftsbeasties, @dawnmarie823, @derekjlee, @devilrockz, @divorcinganarc, @donnainthesouth, @dj120, @drmegsorick, @dhyanmukta, @createtoenchant, @laikassuvaikais, @languorouspages, @megselizabeth86, @thestayengagedexperiment, @esk11, @feelings161, @fictionalkevin, @avenscent, @funsimplicity, @getyourlenson, @lizarebeca, @foodeezjunction, @agord2015, @garthmr, @garyloggins, @thegeneviever, @mumbletymuse, @gritsandpineconescom, @gritsandpineconescom, @myusername432, @robertmgoldstein, @bethanyaharvey, @haripriyakm, @hlindschinger, @hjsportsed, @contenttocapture, @hst4haiku, @kristinavanhoos, @lulaharp, @maddy1953, @onetarhayes, @iaminaplace, @iamabloggertoo, @indira2412, @irenecorl4u2013, @ivanproust, @insomniacbee, @janimey, @mkjackie99, @jahnavichintakunta, @aventuraroxy, @jessmcombs, @jeanburkespraker, @jsackmom, @jennierawling, @ashishvision, @jadekeahi, @justdreadfull, @kayeraye, @kelliblogs @k, @koolitzable @k, @dalees107, @laikassuvaikais, @laduchessederat, @lifeobserverwrites, @loriastratton, @confusionandknitting, @mylittlespaceinthesun, @kmmyrman, @maidsdayoff, @alongthesideoftheroad, @nandininautiyal, @neildsilva, @nicolaauckland, @worthinessambassador, @noorainsobiya, @santoshnc, @notionlux, @alongthesideoftheroad, @offshoreausterity, @ohmyglai, @sarahsatticoftreasures @o, @teiyaoloilolesoipei, @teiyaoloilolesoipei, @donnamcmillen300, @princeramsey, @iaminaplace, @lyndapoysor, @pamkirst2014, @preciousvalencia1, @piyushavir, @whitneyparchman, @raniamanda, @middleagedrager, @ramida78, @ranu802, @rdmaxwell55, @robertmgoldstein, @lilacsky22, @raforbeginners, @camelliasentry, @funsimplicity, @loriastratton, @beckyaluoch, @sumitagrawal01, @sashay909, @natashart, @sasmiths1112, @btarmstrong, @anandartist, @sirtonix, @bennabdycollins @iamdonovan, @vellissima, @vikrambishla, @wordsfromarifa, @suekwoodward, @wanderlusteternal, @welshshortbread, @whitneyparchman, @xaranahara, @yentll02, @justdreadfull, @revrumblefish

Apologies to anyone who accidentally got left out, whose @ call sign didn’t work, those who got pinged twice (three times?), &c., &c.! I repeat: All are invited whether listed above or not! Hope to see you all on the 23rd!

Still Regarding the Party

I was trying to tag you people who showed interest but I seem to have all sort of trouble with this, so another sticky post to call attention, sorry!

I looked at how other people run blog parties, so this is my suggestion:

Party date: 23 October.

Please advertise it among friends. 🙂 I’ll do a countdown here in the form of a short post a day so hopefully other users of this forum will see it and can join in.

On the 23rd I’ll post the starting post and then you can all comment and the idea is of course to introduce your blogs and have a chat to other people about theirs and hopefully get to know each other a bit better and liven this place up because I think several of us miss the chat that we used to have here!

Any suggestions, please leave a comment and let’s get this thing rolling!

How About a Blog Party?

To catch up with each other and liven this place up? 🙂

#blogging101, #suggestion

Don’t Read My Blog!

Ever thought about why blogs die?

Well I did the other night. This is what I came up with:

Don’t Read My Blog

(I might be wrong of course.)

What do you think?

An Old Book

I got seduced by an old book… and ended up writing about it. Not my typical post so any feedback welcome. And for some reason I feel convinced that @pamkirst2014 might actually like it. 🙂

A Book with a History