Don’t Read My Blog!

Ever thought about why blogs die?

Well I did the other night. This is what I came up with:

Don’t Read My Blog

(I might be wrong of course.)

What do you think?

An Old Book

I got seduced by an old book… and ended up writing about it. Not my typical post so any feedback welcome. And for some reason I feel convinced that @pamkirst2014 might actually like it. 🙂

A Book with a History

A Vote!

I’m doing the Dogwood 2016 photography challenge and I just posted four photos and a vote to accompany them for last week’s theme, Black & White Landscape.

Anyone here care to cast a vote as which one is the best of the four, it’d be much appreciated! (Also any comment you care to leave as to why.)

Along the Thames

Thanks in advance 🙂

Italics or Blue?

Hello lovely people!

Just looking for some advice regarding how to present bilingual posts – after some experimenting I’ve come to the decision that alternating chunks of text is the best (the page jumps didn’t work for e-mail followers). I now got two formats that I tried and I’d like some opinions which one is easier to follow?

The first method I used was to differentiate the second language by putting the paragraphs in italics like in this post:

Rest in Peace? The Wandering Remains of Christopher Columbus

But because my theme puts quotes in italics and I sometimes use italics in a text anyway, I thought that maybe putting the second language in a different colour might be better. Like this post:

The Siege (El asedio)

In which format is it easier to follow the text for a monolingual reader?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hello People!

Haven’t been here in ages, I just thought I’d look in. 🙂 Good to see you’re still going strong – well, some of you.

Happy blogging!

Is it quiet here, or…

Is it quiet here, or what? 😦

I’m Not Mainstream…!

So I slapped down a post on my blog the other day, a post that was quick and easy, because I was actually engaged in writing a post that I considered far more interesting but which demanded time, right? 🙂

I knew in my bones that the post I wrote in five minutes was going to do far better than the post that I spent weeks researching and polishing and thinking about.

Today I’ve got the proof! 🙂


Night at the Museum
Salamis (According to Herodotus)

I like both though (but I’m so much more proud of the unpopular one).

Guess which one is the unpopular one?