Hi guys! Let us make…

Hi guys!
Let us make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate with our Blogs!

For the Love of Moleskine!…

For the Love of Moleskine!
Here is my review of the Moleskine Classic Notebook!
Trying my hand at product reviews.
#Feedback will be appreciated!

Hello Friends! I have a…

Hello Friends!
I have a new Facebook Page for my Blog! http://facebook.com/itsarpitaslife
Can you please ‘Like’ it! I deleted the previous one.
Also how many will be joining the Blogging101 again which starts from January 4!
Looking forward to having some familiar faces in the Course again!
Thanks in advance!

#feedback #help


The Holiday season is almost upon us! It is also time for us to share the blessings in our life with those less fortunate! Be an angel in someone’s life this Holiday season. Check out How.


Helloo Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great Thanks Giving. There is something I noticed with some Twitter accounts of WordPress Bloggers. The only update ever is of a new Blog posts. In my opinion, if you wish to engage people from Twitter & get them over to read your blog, you need to tweet something other than a Blog update! Engage with your followers & fellow bloggers there as well. Other wise, there is no use of having a twitter account dedicated to the Blog. What say @thinkerv0


The Bhutan series continues!

Hello Friends,

Another Post from the Minimalism series!