Friday Feature – 3 quotes

dr suess.jpgHappy Friday!!!!!!!

I have decided to step up and become a much more active member to celebrate this I’m sharing my favourite quotes in our new FRIDAY Feature – 3 quotes.

One of the most fun set of books to read aloud to children are the Dr Suess books. Dr Suess is actually the pen name for Author and illustrator Theodor Seuss Geisel. His books have become some of the most popular children’s books of all time selling over 600 million copies which have been translated into more than 20 languages. He adopted the pen name Dr Suess during his time at Dartmouth college and the University of Oxford. He worked as an illustrator for many years and during WW2 he worked as an animator for the animation department of the United States of America government. After the war, he concentrated on his children’s books and has published over 60, many of which have become films, Tv series and even a broadway musical.


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Link parties and link ups

I know we are not all here to write blog posts to reach the masses, some of us are just here to let loose, write for therapy. But whatever your motives are Link ups and link parties are a great way to get your blog posts out to a wider readership but also to find a more diverse selection of blogs to read. I try and participate in a wide range of link ups to build up the readership of my blog. It really works. When I make an effort to link up I can see the difference in my stats.

Now, what is a link party I hear you ask. Imagine this.

Day to day, we all go about our own business, but once in a while we go to a party and meet up with friends. Imagine now going to a party where you don’t know anyone, you chat to new people and make some new friends. This is a link up. You go to a blog and know no one, but leave your blog link and maybe visit a few new blogs and find some great new content to read.

To help you link up there is a wide range of link ups depending on what type of blog niche you have. Here are some that I have found.

My favourite is over at Dream big, Dream often there is a weekly chance to leave a link and either have it reblogged or just linked up with everyone else in the comments.

A lot of sites will have a directory of link ups they have found or use. Many will have a variety of different link up themes. So there should be one for your blog’s niche and every day of the week.

Here are some that I try and use.

Sunday – niftythriftythings

Monday – Newman’s Corner

Wednesday – Chaotic bliss

Thursday – for the love to

Friday – My Creative Scoop

Go on, put on your dancing shoes and go link up with some new friends to be. If you find any new Link ups come back and share them with us. 








Check out your favourite blogs and see which link ups they use.




#feedback #help I seem to…

#feedback #help I seem to be struggling with my blog I accidently changed themes and the swapped back but can’t get my settings to go back to normal.
can you guys see my FB, Twitter, etc links?
Also, it now emails me every time I make a change and can’t work out how to make it stop.

thanks in advance!

hi, i was wondering if…

hi, i was wondering if anyone can #help. I want to start adding PDF’s to my site that people can download for free (worksheets etc). I have no idea about to do this? @kristinavanhoos @wynstep @sashay909
thanks in advance

sorry, I’m so absent, the…

sorry, I’m so absent, the new job means writing reports which are taking up most if not all of my time. I also just broke my blog and had to reset the whole thing. Sad times this morning.

So i’ve been super busy…

So i’ve been super busy over the last week, got a new job, lost it, then a got another new job and took a long weekend away. you can catch up on some of my adventure over at
trying to make some visits round to peoples blog as lots of interesting stuff is happening. 🙂