Happy 2018! ❤

A very happy new year to the blogging family! ❤
Here’s a new post, 1st one of this year And one after so many months! 😊



I’d love to get feedback from you amazing bloggers. As I want to improve, it is very necessary for me to hear from you all. Leave your feedback on the post!😊


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I haven’t posted anything new since a while on the blog or anywhere. But, this is just a little piece that’s so close to my heart and which everyone here would relate to, so I thought of sharing it.

Everyone have there on phases, the break down phases. I was going through a lot of stuff too. I’ll write about that soon and for which I hope and I always know that on wordpress I can be exactly what I want. I don’t need to think twice before keeping my thoughts. So I know I wouldn’t be judged for “the type of girl I am” or “how good or bad I am”😊




New post on my blog.

I went on a college trip recently with no expectations, but looking for a change from the monotony of life. I wasn’t excited at all unlike my fellow mates.

But this trip gave me something really enexplainable.

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After months of not writing anything good (maybe writer’s block)

But I ain’t no writer 🙈

OK so this one is very close to my heart and yet I am very apprehensive about it.

I sat to write something else and ended up writing this.

After months of not knowing where am I going, What am I doing in my life!

Trying to cater things together.

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All thats in between!
I am that
I am adamant
I am emotional
I am the 11:59 before the perfect 12.
I am the b before the a.
All thats in between!

Seeking for all the virtues!….





I would love to hear views about it from all of you.
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Well, all of us have certain hidden, intense, incapacitating and at times irrational fears inside us. All of us have them. Rationality does not matter. Fears are fears. They may seem weird or stupid or illogical to people. But, the one experiencing, knows how that pierces their heart, tremors their hand, they sweat profusely and […]

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Thank you!

Hello everyone!.
This is my first post on the Bloggers world. Indeed, It’s a pleasure to be a part of this.
I am a student of Applied Psychology. I love understanding mankind, individual differences, a single thought behind someone’s action(not judging though).
I have a bend towards humanity, philosophical stuff and altruism.

Will soon be posting my writings here also.
Though I am not a great writer just a beginner, but I know I am at the right place to improve and learn more.

Have a look at my blog. Your feedback is highly welcomed and much appreciated.


Thank you so much.
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