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Something disturbed me today. So, I need to share it with you all. See the following images:
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Hello Bloggers,

My 13wordStory: A ‘Mayhem-ed Message’

Talk peace, build weapons,
Kill each other,
Wreaking mayhem,
Be happy then.

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Hello guys,

I’m back again.
This time; I wrote my third post of the series “Don’t Hurt Youself”: Can I forgive if I’m betrayed by someone very close to me?


@thinkerv0, please review.
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Hello beautiful writers,

Morning to you all. Don’t think [ttoo much] that’s what I do. I just write when I start thinking about something .

I don’t know whether my apology, yesterday, was accepted or not but few good things surely made me smile:

1. My post ‘An honest answer’ was reblogged on https://wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com/ by dear Paul.
2. My post ‘don’t hurt yourself- be imperfectly perfect’ was extensively reviewed by Vijaya Sundaram of www.magicsurrealist.me . She currently lives in USA and she’s a champion writer.
3. I received 50 likes on Blogger’s world.
Thank you all for your love.
I especially want to thank @thinkerv0; for he really motivates to do good work.
Happy blogging.

Hello friends,

We all make mistakes. I’ve made many. One of them I want to share with you:

It’s a six words story that I’ve written for saying sorry to that person.
Thanks to all.

Hello bloggers AKA freindos,

Yes you read ‘freindos’ and it’s okay you aren’t drunk nor am I. It’s intentional.
I’ve completed my post no. 2 on Don’t Hurt Yourself Series:


It’s about knowing our limitations.
Hope you will get something out of it.
Happy blogging.
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Hello friends aka bloggers,

Today I’m starting a new series on my personal blog: DON’T HURT YOURSELF. It is my attempt to answer few questions that we come across in our day-to-day life. It will be a series of 10-11 posts
I’ve already published first one today.:
It will surely help you in many ways.:)
Happy blogging.


Hello Awesome People,

It’s always a nice experience when I post something here. This time, I want to take you back to the memory lane. The most beautiful of all memories- Childhood. I think most of us will connect to this.


Happy Reading.
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Hello bloggers,

I’m back again. A very different prompt, thanks to @thinkerv0, and I’ve tried to create a post on it:


Hope you will like it. I will also be reading few now.

Happy blogging.
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Hello awesome people,

Some memories we always hold dear. Farewell, to me is one of them. And with a little fictional touch, something came out. I think all of us can relate to us in one way or the other.
You can read it here: https://27writers.wordpress.com/2015/12/18/farewell/

Hope you like it.