Hi everyone. I’ve been out…

Hi everyone. I’ve been out with a terrible flu and fear I won’t be able to catch up on all your wonderful posts. If any of you have written anything over the past few weeks you’d like me to check out, please link it here. I’ll give those top priority as I try to catch up 🙂

Also, if you’re so inclined, please check out my latest post on medieval eggnog. 21timetraveler.com

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Hi friends. Sorry I’ve been…

Hi friends. Sorry I’ve been away. With the holiday and my mom recovering from back surgery things have been hectic around here. Fortunately I now have a few minutes to catch up with all of your lovely posts! If you have a minute, please stop by and read my latest post on medieval gingerbread 21timetraveler.com.


Hi guys. Please check out…

Hi guys. Please check out my latest post–this one’s probably not suitable for work–you’ve been warned 🙂


Hi friends,

Just a reminder, anyone who is interested in participating in my writing group’s short story contest can find the details at writing connection.org

The theme is deception, and it can be written in any genre.

Hi all. I tried out…

Hi all. I tried out another medieval recipe. This one is vegan and very easy to make. It is for almond milk butter, which is different than almond butter. Please check it out at 21timetraveler.com

Wow friends, it has been…

Wow friends, it has been a crazy week, culminating in me officiating one of my best friend’s weddings! I blogged about it, and of course medieval wedding info, as well. Please check it out at 21timetraveler.com . As always your #feedback is welcome and appreciated. 🙂

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m rounding…

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m rounding out my month of “spooky” blog posts with my latest on plagues and plague hauntings–You can find it at 21timetraveler.com


Hi friends. My latest post…

Hi friends. My latest post is about Medieval Halloween–or Samhain. Please check it out! 21timetraveler.com

So I wanted to update…

So I wanted to update you on the Reddit thing. I posted an old post last night right before I went to sleep. When I woke up my stats were insane. Turns out they put my post on the “what’s hot” page. It’s not even 1pm here, and I’ve doubled my previous highest number of views (which is probably half of most peoples normal views). Still, I’m excited.

Hi everyone. I wanted to…

Hi everyone. I wanted to pop in and tell you a few things.
1. I just put a few of my posts on Reddit for the 1st time. I got a ton of hits! I never have much success on Twitter and only marginal success on Facebook. Reddit seems to be a good platform. If you’re not posting your sites there, you might want to consider it.

2. I’d love some of your valuable #feedback on my latest post. Going spooky for the rest of the month in honor of Halloween. 21timetraveler.com