Age is just a number: 85-YO couple’s new hair oil venture is proof

Joan Collins said, “Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine.”

It is never too late to begin a new endeavor. Age, as they say, is only a number. If you have the tenacity to pursue your passion, you will be successful in the end.

This has once again been proved by an elderly couple from Surat, Gujarat. Radhakrishna and Shakuntala Choudhary launched a hair oil infused with 50 herbs, after being motivated by their daughter’s hair loss. The hair oil, called Avimee Herbal, is doing good business.

People have fostered a community where their product helps with balding, hair fall, and other concerns at an age when they should be celebrating and relaxing.

It all started when Radhakrishna and Shakuntala Choudhary’s daughter, now an Avimee Herbal company partner, complained about significant hair loss and damage. The old couple, horrified to see their daughter in misery, jumped into the topic and studied it for about a year. They produced a hair oil after the course that decreased hair fall and enhanced the texture of their daughter’s hair.  The 85-year-old couple had no choice but to create Avimee Herbal.

The pair founded the company with the intention of providing toxic-free hair oil to address the issues that many city dwellers encounter. Home remedies created from natural and ayurvedic materials are found in nearly every household and, when applied consistently, work wonders on skin and hair.

The 85-year-old couple’s Anime Herbal has provided many individuals with the ideal answer for a fantastic hair day.

Avimee Herbal guarantees that quality will never be compromised.

Avimee Herbal is chemical-free and created from the purest ingredients. It is manufactured from herbs and ayurvedic ingredients that promote hair development, reduce hair fall, and strengthen hair.

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