Missing or Dead?

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The link above is from Dainik Bhaskar; a Hindi daily.

Such incidents are not mere fiction. In Peepli Live, a Hindi movie which came in 2011, you get to watch bureaucratic drama translated into rural middle India where government plans take hilarious shape because of lack of executive discretion and corruption at every rung of ladder.

I used the news item above to highlight an event which happened to me personally during Covid years. As such it qualifies as an anecdote. I am convinced about its veracity but the people involved are bound to reject the data on two familiar grounds:

A. They had heard a rumor. They take no responsibility.

B. They never said so. Denial of the fact that I heard them properly and retained the information. In which case: I am considered a dysfunctional subject suffering from schizophrenia or anti social personality disorder and…you get the picture.

Events as they really happened:

1. I was told that a certain elder person who was living in Mahoba, Uttar Pradesh, died recently.

2. This person has a house in our neighborhood.

3. Surprisingly: In 2022, after about an year and half of being convinced about the fact of the demise of the person-i get to see him in person. Was I seeing a ghost or a relative or a look alike? Doubts kept lurking in my head.

4. One day I got to see him at a grocery store. Spoke to him. He admitted to being the person concerned beyond any shade of doubt.

5. Was it a miracle? Do dead people come back? Maybe. Maybe in mythology. In reality: such events don’t happen. For a reason.

6. Gossipmonger : not just a person. Groups of people busy spreading rumours because they help them somehow.

7. Since then, I have narrated this event to many people except the gossip distribution systems private limited for the simple reason that they would come up only with one of the two aforementioned responses.

8. It happens. Hope you are not subject to such false information.

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