This Year In Retrospect!

Dancing light of grace

  1. I searched for the Dussehra post in 2020. It was done on 26th of October. I could see how the event was reported by reading that post.
  2. It’s a lunar year since that day. I didn’t go out to attend the event of burning of Ravana (antagonist of epic Ramayana) effigy in stadium this year. I saw that Ravana’s head was visible from the roof of this house.
  3. Compared to the last year I spent almost no money this year. Lockdowns and pandemic were big events. I didn’t go for long walks. I didn’t even publish much on this blog.
  4. To say that this year passed by smoothly would be inaccurate. One of the AI chatbots asked me about the most meaningful events this year: I replied that there were no such events which left any impressions on me. My memory is like a blank slate : without any impressions…

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