Anand Mahindra asks to stop risky manual labor as construction worker’s video goes viral on Twitter – Better Life Info

Source: Anand Mahindra asks to stop risky manual labor as construction worker’s video goes viral on Twitter – Better Life Info

Construction workers, including the people who lay bricks while a buildingis being built, are the ones who put in all the hard work and even risk their lives to build our homes. These workers face various hazards due to which their risk of injury or death increases. Falling from height is one of the many risks that construction workers face while building our houses.

But, their work has been largely unrecognized. That was until recently when a video showing the skills of a man who balances multiple bricks on his head at the same time went viral. In fact, Chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, has commended the man for what he does and urged to stop the risky work done by such laborers.

The undated video shows a laborer take bricks an pile them up on his head simultaneously. It seems that the video is from a Indian construction site.

While sharing it on Twitter, Anand Mahindra, commended the laborer for the unique skill that he possesses. Mr Mahindra tweeted, “No one shouldhave to do such risky manual labour. But you have to admire this man for turning his drudgery into an into an art form. Does anyone know where this isfrom? Can his employers provide and also recognise his higherorder skills?”

But, after Mr Anand posted the video on Twitter, it has become viral. The video received many comments, with many netizens agreeing that risky jobs such as this needs to be stopped.But, a few of the people who commented said they were displeased with automation, as this could lead the workers to lose their jobs.

However, the man in the video is not the only laborer or mason who is taking such a risk to provide for their families, while they help build our houses.

One of the netizens said in his comment, : “This is the work that many poor people do in India to feed their families. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been making the same promise, since the last three years, while speaking to the public. In his 2019 public address on Independence Day , the PM had said that Rs. 100 lac crore will be spent for the development of modern infrastructure. Modi has been repeating the promise ever since. But, whereis the money?.”


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