Like mushrooms? Now sell them from home to earn some extra cash during Covid-19

More and more people are working from home after the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020. They can now spend more time with their families and work as per their own schedule. Hence, more than half of these people want to work from home or run a home business even after the pandemic ends. But, the pandemic has also rendered many people jobless. The earnings of many people has also been reduced and there has been no increment in the salaries of many since the pandemic started. Due to this people are looking for ways to earn some extra money and starting a home business can be one such avenue.


Running a home business has been a dream of many, even before the pandemic. But you need a wonderful product to build a profitable business. This is where Mahagro India, which helps people build a lucrative business by growing mushrooms at home or on a farm they own, comes into the picture.

We all know that mushrooms have tremendous health benefits. They boost immunity and are high in fiber, protein, and antioxidants while being low in calories. Mushrooms may also reduce the risk of acquiring significant health problems. The taste of mushrooms is well- liked by people of all ages. They can be used as a key ingredient in many dishes, ranging from starters to soups and main dishes regularly.

In terms of beneficial effects, market value, and demand, the worldwide mushroom industry has developed dramatically in recent years. Fresh mushroom demand is expanding around the world because of a growing demand for health food. As stated above, mushrooms boost immunity, which has become very important after Covid-19. Hence, now is the right time to start building a business around mushrooms with the help of a company like Mahagro India. The company is among the Indian businesses in mushroom industry since 1995. It specializes in mushroom cultivation training, consultancy & marketing in India of fresh and dry Oyster Mushrooms for more than two decades.

Mahagro India regularly organizes Mushroom Cultivation Training Programs in various parts of the country for those who want to join the industry. It is India’s foremost company that has successfully spread Mushroom Technology and made available to our Indian community on a residential and commercial basis. Mahagro India provides seeds (Spawn) & Dry Mushroom buy back facility to its members. It also provides Indian & foreign culture medicinal mushrooms, which are naturally fully organic cultivated & pure vegetarian royal food.

The company, which has its office at Santacruz, Mumbai, is led by Mr. Ajay Mahatha.

Mr. Mahatha, who is a gold medalist, commercial mushroom consultant, has also been called ‘Mushroom King.’ He says, the biggest beauty of this business is that once you start it you will  never have to be dependent on other people.

Mr. Mahatha started practicing mushroom cultivation in his own shed at his father’s company and has since then brought revolutions in the business. Countless people have joined the sector in response to his call and are now mentoring newbies in the industry.

Mr. Mahatha said, “We teach our students to market their products as well. Those who wish to earn extra incomes say entrepreneurs, housewives, retired, mushroom business. Thousands of people professionals, students alike can opt for it. Today, many banks provide loan assistance to uch entrepreneurs and for those planning to make their own laboratory or Farm, NABARD bank provides up to 51% subsidy. People can start the business even at home with small investment of 15 to 20 thousand.”


Although this opportunity to earn from home is available to people only in India, there are ample ways to build a home business during Covid-19.

Explore the ways on Google through this link: Ways to build a home business during Covid-19

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