5 tips to stay positive in Covid-19, other negative situations

heather-ford-6fiz86Ql3UA-unsplashAfter turning a comment from my blogging friend Ms. Hilda Akos into a post, I am now sharing a post from her blog Hill Study Center.

The post that I am sharing is full of hope and positivity and should be read by all negative thinkers or those who think themselves to be losers.

You are not a loser if you know how to move forward.

Life is full of negative situations and failures. These situations can push a person to a point that they either lose mental control and commit suicide, or go into depressions. The only way out is to think positive and not giving up when such situations occur. I had earlier shared a post The master key to success: Neverrr giving up on yourself which talks about resilience, the power to move forward despite all obstacles.

A loser is not a person who has failed to achieve the required marks in their exam to become a doctor or engineer. He is not even among the many who have lost their job during the current pandemic. Remember that you cannot be called a loser until you lose hope and refuse to get up and move forward in life.

In fact, according to Islam lack of hope is lack of faith in the One Almighty God.

Tips to stay positive during Covid-19 and other negative situations

Here are five tips to help you stay positive in negative situations, including those that have occurred after Covid-19.

  1. Put your faith in the One Almighty God who has created you with some really special qualities and blessed you with a lot of things that many others might not be having. Express your gratitude towards your Creator.
  2. Have a Positive Support Group. It’s important to have a positive support group that will help each member through difficult times. There are many such groups in the world, but I would suggest you to join a group or subscribe to a blog that takes you closer to God and helps you live a better and happier life, like Towards A Better Life.
  3. Retrain Your Mind. Be aware of what you think and turn negative thoughts into positive ones by being compassionate towards yourself.
  4. Exercise Your Body And Mind. Meditate and create a daily exercise program that would help calm your mind and tone up your body. Yoga can help to achieve both.
  5. Find solutions and change what you can. But, learn to accept things that you can never change. Acceptance is a great way to move forward in life with a positive mind.

Coming back to the article that I am sharing from Ms. Hilda. the best part of which says: “In finding positivity in negativity, try to remember the favours and good things you have enjoyed in the past. Begin to imagine a tomorrow of open doors, better opportunities and begin working towards them.”

Read the article from Ms. Hilda: https://hillstudycenter.wordpress.com/2021/06/02/positivity-in-negativity/

Finally here’s a video that shows you how to stay positive in a negative situation. In fact that is the name of the video.

Source: 5 tips to stay positive in Covid-19, other negative situations – Better Life Info