The cosmos delegates the job of knowing itself to us in form of discrete packets and we report back to it with what it already knows: it’s infinite and hence unknowable. A mystery.

The pictures are projected onto a flat screen where we perceive our three dimensional world via a two dimensional projection.

The consciousness is picture of whole reality with infinite dimensions without any breaks. The breaks are unconscious and there seems to be a mechanism by which unconscious becomes conscious. Does conscious also become unconscious? It’s infinite memory. If we were to combine together the memories of all conscious beings ever–it will only result in a fraction of what totality of consciousness is.

I studied Matrices and their multiplication for three dimensional matrices as used for representing vector quantities during my school. If we were to extrapolate these for cognitive model of reality: this even distribution of energy is cosmic microwave background. In fact the Cosmic Microwave Background regulates the heat distribution in the Cosmos. Entropy distribution in form of heat. If we were to take a picture of cosmos at any given moment: it will be an infinite matrix with countless number of rows and columns for countless number of dimensions. They all will have either 1 or 0 as their value at any given moment which would change in the very next fraction of time unit or moment. Countless such pictures put together make a continuous movement of reality. And it’s only from a viewpoint of limited agent imagining expanse of consciousness.

If consciousness doesn’t know itself fully: it means there’s unconsciousness. The awareness is complete reality. To have blind spots where it’s not really conscious might mean God taking rest. It’s unknown and mystery in the sense that it’s not a thing. Things are finite. Things are subjects of imagination and reality. Though sometimes I wonder where do we exclude imagination from reality since we use images to explore reality. Consciousness is a quality of reality like unconsciousness. Reality is both consciousness and unconsciousness. It’s aware of being conscious as well as unconscious. Light and dark. Ones and zeros. Knowledge and ignorance.

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