Time To Say Goodbye

Summer is the season that is most difficult for me because it ws in August 2017 that I lost my husband and soul mate Martin. However, after that I looked to find ways to make the transition easier and the grief less hard to bear. I found many helpful sites online that gave me encouragement to go on.

The best thing that has helped me is that I am very sensitive to the world beyond and have a sixth sense so I often find ways to contact with those who have passed on. This sensation was inherited from my whole family because they all had the possibility of contacting with spirits.

After my husband passed on I had the opportunity to contact with him up above. At that time I discovered several things among them even if you wanted to join your mate right away in the afterlife you could not do it because you still have a life path to follow, what we as the living see up above is similar but not totally how those who have passed on see things, life is good up above and there are even the four seasons and many other things we cannot even imagine. For those of you who have pets and wonder about what happens after they leave us I can tell you that you will see them up above as well.

Finally to help others with the transition I wrote an article for Medium about celebrating and remembering the life of a loved one, I have included the link here.


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