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Father’s Day has just been celebrated and even Mother’s Day is commemorated once a year. On these days we show our love towards both our parents, but, a mother is needed forever.

Well, that sounds like poetry, but honestly I have seen children as young as 2 years old playing happily, while their fathers are slogging abroad. But, can you tell me how many children can live without their mothers for even a day. I missed my father when I was small, as he was not there. But, praise the Lord, I have been extremely fortunate as I received the love and care of not only my mother but also her special friend and sisters.

Mothers are the backbone of the family

The mothers are special for numerous reasons. These reasons include their astonishing “superpowers,”  — like mothers’ ears that hear and comprehend rapid fire queries from several kids at once. She sees through her head while taxiing her brood for different activities and acting as an air traffic controller.

Moms are the first to arrive whenever a child is in problem. They are the initial lines of protection for their offspring and the backbone of the family. A mother juxtaposes managing her young adults’ emotional ballrooms and their teenagers’ hormonal haziness while wrestling her bug with a crazy childcare adventurer and taking care of her specific requirements.

There is a saying that God could not be everywhere and so He made moms. And although we love our fathers for all that they did for us when we were small, but we cannot live without our mothers even we have grown up.

Moms play a special role, which nobody else can fill. In their children’s hearts, mothers hold a particular place.
Indeed, if there is such a thing as endless love, it is that of your mother. That love started when you were not even born and will last forever.

Being a father, I wonder what makes mothers so special. In fact, looking at the way my kid loves his mom, I sometimes feel I would have better been his mother.

I would like to know through your comments, why mothers play such an influential role in the family, especially in the life of their children?

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