A man should love God above all things Prophet Abraham showed that

On this Father’s Day, I am writing this post in honor of Prophet Abraham. He is the patriarch of all three religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, and his love for God is well know. He was tested by the Creator in various ways.

The supreme sacrifice and other tests that Prophet Abraham gave

From the time he was a child, Abraham was devoted to the One Almighty God and no one else. That prompted his own people, who were non-believers, to put Abraham into a fire, when he was just a child. There also came a time when Abraham, who is called Ibrahim (peace be upon him) in Islam, became old and God wanted him to sacrifice the one thing he loved the most. That one thing turned out to be his son Ismael, who was Abraham’s only child at that time.

That was the final test and supreme sacrifice of Abraham, who is also known as the Friend of God in Islam. A final test is considered to be the greatest test, and Abraham passed in that test too.

His child is the most precious thing to a man

I want to stress the point here that Prophet Abraham loved God above all things, because for a man his child is indeed the most precious thing. In fact, a true father loves his child more than he loves himself and above all treasures of the world. Abraham had proved his devotion to God by getting ready to be burnt in the fire. But, the Creator finally tested his dedication by testing his love for his child.

Finally, it was the mercy of God that saved the life of Ismael. The Beneficent One sent a lamb from heaven to be sacrificed in his place.

But, the love for God should be above all things

In all this Prophet Abraham showed that a man loves his child above all things, but that love should not surpass the love for the Almighty One. I believe that a mother carries a child in herself for nine months, but a father carries him in his heart for life. But, the love for God should be above all things. That is all I want to say on this Father’s Day.

And in these times of Covid-19, the most important is that we should reinforce our love and faith in the One Almighty God and put all our trust in Him.

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