Back with a bang

This is for all those who have loved my blog Towards A Better Life and like my posts on it. Thanks a lot for all the support you have shown which helped me reach over a 1000 followers on it. May God bless you for it.

Those who had following my posts on Towards A Better Life might have noticed that I had taken a break for a few days. But, now I am back with a bang to announce my new lifestyle blog Fabulous Life Info, which has the tagline:

Fabulous information for a better and happier life

Although the blog is more or less based on Towards A Better Life, there’s a difference, including the domain name.

While the domain name of Towards A Better Life was, the new blog is a dot com: Plus, apart from giving you free articles to read, I will also be posting premium content on the new one in an attempt to provide you with better content. For people with a big heart among you (and I know that most of my readers are) I will also keep a donation box on the new website not for me to buy coffee but because a part of that donation will indeed go to the needy. Moreover, there will be more engaging posts with videos and infographics on the new one.

I hope you support me on the new blog, the way, you have done on Towards A Better Life.

To visit my new blog and have a look at how I have designed it kindly click:

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