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I had recently read a very important question on the topic of marriage:

If marriages are made in Heaven.
Why are they being broken on earth?


Those are my 13 words for today. Now let me try to answer the question and help you succeed in your relationship if you are married.

There is a famous quote from — Ann Landers, which says, “A successful marriage is not a gift; it is an achievement.”

According to me after marriage a man works to provide for his family and a woman works to turn his house into a sweet home. But, in the process the couple sometimes, or perhaps often, forgets to work on their relationship. I believe that only people who work on their relationship become happily married couples. And if a happy and successful marriage makes a person feel like heaven on earth. A failed marriage and divorce can have a devastating effect on the couple’s life. Moreover, it is often children from such marriages who have to bear the brunt.

Hence, I would say that a successful marriage is not just a gift. It is an achievement.

Although there are many books on the subject I would recommend you to buy:

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: Jointly authored by John Mordechai Gottman and Nan Silver

USA Today has said the book is backed by 25 years of landmark marital research, while Seattle Post-Intelligencer says it offers something every relationship can benefit from.

Customer reviews that may help you in your purchase decision:

Leo: I wanted to gift my best friend on her marriage. I found this to be the apt book that will be uselful for the couple (long term). From Love, Life, Parenthood to the extreme of why we divorce.. Can be found in this book. More than a light read, it’s uselful for research purposes.

PG: Great data and very useful to understand relationships and what makes it work and what doesn’t.

About the authors

John Mordechai Gottman is a leading research scientist on marriage and family.

Nan Silver is a former editor in chief of Health magazine and coauthor, with Dr. Gottman.

They have also jointly authored two other books on the subject What Makes Love Last and Why Marriages Succeed or Fail.

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