Red Beans and Rice – Nice and Fab Deals – Towards A Better Life

Do you know that people of Punjab in India and southern Louisiana in the U.S. have one thing in common. They love the classic Creole dish of red beans and rice, called Rajma Chawal in India.

The dish is prepared from red kidney beans, which are commonly used in chili con carne and are used in the cuisine of India, where the beans are called rajma.

Red beans and rice is rajma prepared in a delicious tomato based gravy served with rice.

Although the recipe given in this article has smoked andouille sausage as an ingredient, you can cut it out if you don’t or can’t pork.

Red kidney beans or rajma has its own health benefits. You should add them to your diet for the following 5 incredible reasons:

  • Regulates Blood Sugar. Rajma is an excellent legume that helps in stabilizing blood glucose levels as it is a good source of soluble fibre and low on the glycemic index.
  • Heart Healthy.
  • Prevents Cancer.
  • Sustains Weight Loss.
  • Strengthens Bones.

Click here to read the Red Beans and Rice recipe:

The recipe for the Indian version called, Rajma Chawal, is given below:

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Source: Red Beans and Rice – Nice and Fab Deals – Towards A Better Life

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