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Your relatives provide a support system that provide you with practical or emotional support. But, what do you say when you read that a mother was arrested for killing her child or a father is accused of accused of sexually assaulting and killing his daughter. I would say that it is all a sign of the ‘end is near.’

As I am a news editor I often come across such news and today I am going to share with you several recent stories where a woman was arrested for killing her newborn by putting it into boiling water or a man will be sentenced for killing his girlfriend’s daughter. Tell you the truth it pains me a lot when I read such stories to the point that I have cried after reading some of them. Whom do you trust if the ones who gave birth take away the lives they have brought into this world?

All I can say is that we should value our relationships and may God give us all better understanding for each other.

1) Woman who told friend she put her newborn in boiling water arrested, charged with murder
A mother was arrested after she told a friend that she put her newborn child in boiling water to kill the baby.

The woman, aged 29, was due to face a charge of murder on March 19.

North West police said the woman delivered the baby at home near Hartbeespoortdam on March 12.

Police spokesperson Lt-Col Amanda Funani stated, “It is alleged that the suspect placed the newborn baby in boiling water, then wrapped the baby in plastic and buried the newborn in a shallow grave. The mother later confided in her friend about the incident, who alerted the police.”

Officers found the child in a shallow grave at a nearby field.

Funani said, “The provincial commissioner of North West Lt-Gen Sello Kwena applauded the suspect’s friend for speaking out and working with the police in ensuring that the suspect was arrested for this horrendous crime.”

The mother was taken into custody and charged with murder.

The woman was due to appear in the Brits magistrate’s court on March 19.

2) Man to be sentenced for blunt-force trauma death of his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter

A sentencing date will be set for a man who was found guilty of murder in connection with the fatal beating of his girlfriend’s three-year-old daughter.

Justin Bennett, who is now 27, is facing the charge in the death of Ivy Wick who was wounded on Sept. 27, 2017, and died in a Calgary hospital of head and brain injuries eight days later.

An autopsy showed Ivy Wick sustained blunt-force trauma, which prompted homicide investigators to take over the case.

Bennett was charged with murder a year later after he confessed to undercover police officers.

Bennet told a secrete officer that he got angry after being interrupted by the child, smashed her in the head, threw her against a wall and then tripped her.

Bennett told the officer in a Mr. Big operation, “I didn’t mean to do it. I really didn’t. I was just angry and I freaked out and I basically killed my kid. I wish I would’ve just left her alone, not got angry.”

In the Mr. Big operation, secret police befriend a suspect and bring him into a fake organization with the goal of eliciting a confession.

“I just snapped. I was tired of it so tired of taking care of an ungrateful kid. I tell ya, I was not proud that day. Disgusted.”

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Blair Nixon said it is clear beyond a reasonable doubt that Bennett is guilty of second-degree murder.

The judge told court on March 19, “Mr. Bennett caused the death of Ivy, insofar as Mr. Bennett hit Ivy on her head, threw her into the wall and tripped her,”

Nixon didn’t believe Bennett’s story that the victim fell and hurt herself accidentally. Nor did he accept that the girl’s mother, who was taking a shower at the time, could have been to blame.

“I find that Ivy’s injuries did not occur as a result of a simple trip and fall. Rather I find that the severity of her injuries, as well as multiple impact points, can only be explained by an inflicted cause,” Nixon said.

“I find that the Crown has established beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Bennett committed culpable homicide.”

The prosecutor said she was pleased with the judgement.

Chief Crown prosecutor Suzanne Kendall said outside court said, “We feel this is the just verdict based on all of the evidence. We’re hoping now that today’s decision will allow Ivy’s mother, Helen, and her family the ability for some closure and to move on from this horribly, tragic event in their lives.”

A sentencing date is to be set April 16 once court is told about the length of time psychiatric and presentence reports will take.

Althouhg Bennett is facing an automatic life sentence, it has to be determined when he would be eligible to seek parole.

3) Father accused of sexually assaulting, killing his baby daughter


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