God the best author

Many write many read but the one who writes the best is God

My 13 word story for today has been inspired by the quote you see in the picture. I have just replace the word ‘You’ with ‘God.’ But, if you look at it closely and think over it deeply you will see that God is indeed the Best Author and find a solution to your many problems. And that solution is called ‘Acceptance.’


Believe in the One Almighty God and put your trust in Him alone and learn to accept things as they come. But, you might say that accepting things as they come means you have stopped dealing with your problems. Let me tell you that it does not.

You should deal with your problems as much as you can, but finally when you see that there is no way out of it accepting the situation is the best solution.

Acceptance is surrendering yourself to the will of God, believing that what he has indeed written the best.

Given below is an excerpt from a book written by one of world’s top leadership experts, Robin Sharma:

‘Acceptance. Looking for the Blessing in Disguise amidst adversity. Relaxing into whatever situation you find yourself in. Embracing the age-old cliché that life doesn’t give you what you want but just might send you what you need (thank Mick). We all get hard days and mean seasons, from time to time. That’s because you and I are enrolled in Greatness School. And challenge/conflict/confusion and uncertainty are stunningly powerful vehicles for our growth. But days get better and seasons change. By accepting “what is”, the bitter times will be shorter and your gorgeous days will get longer. And that’s my wish for you. Always.’

The excerpt is from Chapter 28 titled ‘The Brilliance of Acceptance’ from the Mr Sharma’s book Greatness Guide 2.


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Source: God the best author – Towards A Better Life

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