Taken the next step? Now finish what you start

After sharing a post called Just take your next step yesterday, I am now talking about what to do once you have taken that step. The answer is simple: Finish what you start. But, how you finish that can drain you out to the point that you quit just before you are about to achieve your goal.

Many people are poor at getting started. They make big plans but never take the first step. Others can get started but seem to bail out before they reach their goals. It’s quite maddening to put in a lot of work and then quit just before you reach success.

The most successful people are masters at finishing what they start. They’re like a bulldog with a bone. They’ll never give it up without a fight.

We all have a story of quitting that seems to haunt us. You can put a happy ending to these stories – and this behavior – by learning to finish what you start.

Here is an article that shows you 10 ways to Finish What You Start. The very first technique that the article teaches us is to Develop the habit of being a finisher. The article says that this is most easily done by finishing all of the little things you start.

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