Author Interview

In response to @dancinglightofgrace here are my answers to your questions

  1. Actually I did not start out to blog. It was in 2000 when I first realized all the possibilities of wring online and had not fully comprehended the meaning of making money online. I found a site called Buzzel where I could writ about any topic and get my voice heard. So I started expressing myself by writing various articles. It was also the site I firet posted poems on and was happy to get a favorable response. From there I moved onto another site called HubPages where I still writ to this day. Here I was informed I could make some money but I have never made any but have been satisfied anyway because it is a good platform for my poetry. After all of this the light dawned that I could create my own blogs through WordPress and that was when I began blogging. Today on WordPress I have a poetry blog, a armchair travel blog, an animal blog, and on Blogger I have a music blog. I am including a link here to my poetry blog.
    Over the years so many poem have been written that I have two self-published books of poems on Amazon – Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings Of Love and here is a link to my author page which will give you more information about me and my books,
  2. Besides blogging I enjoy reading, drawing and coloring, and listening to music. However, there often seems to be less time for the things I really enjoy because I am also hard at work being a content writer and freelancer but I find it helps to listen to music as I work.
  3. I think my mission in life is make others happy with my writing and write things that they enjoy reading, Making money with my writing is an added bonus.
  4. At present I live in Daytona Beach, Florida,
  5. I found Blogger’s World through WordPress and subscribed to the emails and found I enjoyed what others wrote and what I found so I was only more than happy to become a writer on Blogger’s World as well.
  6. I enjoy reading series of books like the Lucky series of books by Jackie Collins and also the Bones series of books by Kathy Reichs. I have a wide range of books i enjoy including classics like “Little Women” and “Pride and Prejudice.” Since I am fluent in both English and Latvian I also have some favorite books in Latvian I enjoy reading. At present I am reading a biography about Queen vocalist Freddie Mercury.
    My writing keeps my imagination dancing and I always attempt to keep the child in me alive which provides me with a lot of inspiration for both my writing and poetry. The photo is of me at the age of 3 with my favorite beach ball.